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Helping the NJ Community

Wanted to create a space to share causes that are helping NJ families.  Do you know a NJ family that needs help.  Share your link in the comments below. Plus include support organizations that can help folks like Nik.

Nik Fink of Barnegat reached out to me because his family has been suffering from the aftermath of Sandy.  He’s trying to raise money for him and his family for shelter.  He explains in detail on his “gofundme” page:

My goal is to purchase a trailer in any live able condition to live in one of the local communities. All of them are close to public transportation and the rent is affordable. Most importantly it would provide stability for my family and a way out of poverty . “

After asking him about reaching out to local groups, he wrote to me:

Thank you so much. We are from Barnegat. We have tried contacting local resources for this type of thing but social services only helps if you work than less than 30 hours a week, family promise is a traveling shelter but you need a car to get to work because you are put up somewhere different each night, waiting lists for things like section 8 and low income housing are closed, we have called at least 15 low income apartments and they are full for people in our income bracket. We have been posting in local facebook groups and people have been very helpful and generous. I really really appreciate you sharing our story, it truly means so much to us. Thank you!”


This kills me! I'm so sorry to see this family go through this.. Thanks Nik from Barnegat for reaching out to us, and keep telling your story, I'm sure you will get support from the community.

Posted by NJ Playgrounds on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

1 comment to Helping the NJ Community

  • Tom

    There entire story is a lie, A lot of people know the truth behind the lies. They twisted their sob story to make themselves look unfortunate. There is low income housing in west creek and tuckerton that are avilabale right now and were this whole month, I know because I called. BIG TIME LIARS.

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