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Monmouth Court Playground, Livingston, NJ

Editor’s Note: Little Sports Court Playground was torn up and replaced by this fabulous playground! Thanks to Charlene Wetterstrand for sharing these great photos of this fantastic play area! Wow! Parents will love this park, as it is a completely enclosed fenced in area. I’m grateful for our friends that scout out new playgrounds and send us pictures. Thank you Wetterstrands!

Monmouth Court Playground Address- 26 Monmouth Court, Livingston, NJ (We had used the address 50 Monmouth court prior for Little Sports, but found out it was incorrect) Might have been a GPS issue.

From Charlene: “Monmouth Court ends at an old school that is now used for alternative education and community activities. Livingston also uses this property for summer school programs for kindergarten and younger age students. Recently, they tore out the old playground and have replaced it with a fenced in, rubber-surfaced, handicap accessible playground that features a shaded play area for toddlers, swingsets for all ability levels, and play equipment for ages 8 and under.”

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3 comments to Monmouth Court Playground, Livingston, NJ

  • Too bad you build a park that no one can get Into. Child safety gate. So no one can get In. Even an adult has a hard time opening the gate. Why build a park, that you cannot use. It seems to be locked but is not, just impossible to get into. I as a grandmother took my grandchildren there, however, we could not get in. Oh yes child proof, gates , but even my husband could not open it. So let livingston build a park, with my tax dollars, but lock us out of it. The best was when town hall passed the buck to the recreation, and the re recreation back to town hall. What a big joke. I do intend to post this on face book, and anywhere I can. I want every one to know about how livingston builds a park, with my money, but we cannot get I to the park, because of the child safety locks. Call me old fashioned but since when do we lock up parks. Fence them in like we are in a prison. That is not the kind of park I want to take my kids/ grand kids. For all the years we lived here. On Monmouth court , we used to call the park, at the school, pointless park., tha show bad it was. However this is worse. So keep it locked up. Or child proofed up. . This is not a park for kids to go play in, as they can’t get in. So sad. Very sad. I will like I said post this for everyone to know. What a horrible town livingston has become. . As I lived her when it was a nice town . I have lived her for 60 years.

  • Amanda B

    I just went to this playground today, despite seeing the comment about the locked gate. My husband tried and couldn’t get in, but just as we were about to turn away I tried it myself. The handle of the gate is basically like a screen door. You push in the button while pulling the lever. The button itself is the lock, once you push it the gate is unlocked.

    I thought this park was awesome. It was totally empty, brand new, and in a safe location. My kids had a great time.

  • Annetta

    What a great park! I took my 7 year old daughter who is non-verbal and somewhat mobile and she and I both loved it! It was very easy to access (even the gate was easy) for my child who usually uses a wheel chair. What a great addition to the area!

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