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Echo Lake Dog Park, Mountainside, NJ

Editor’s Note: Now that we have Annalise, our Siberian Husky Hound Mix for about a year now, we’ve ventured into the dog park world. At first we steered clear, but now we are a little more comfortable we’ve explored. A dog park can be wonderful but it really depends on the dogs and owners. For our experience so far, we’ve been happy with Echo Lake.

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Echo Lake Dog Park, Park Dr., Mountainside NJ
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From the website:
“The Dog Park at Echo Lake Park in Mountainside is just under three acres, with fenced areas set aside for large and smaller dogs. It is accessible for people with disabilities with designated parking areas and sloped paths.

Entry to Echo Lake is possible either from Mountain or Springfield Avenues in Mountainside. The Dog Park is in the center of the park.

Walking Your Dog In Our Parks

Dogs and their owners are always welcome in Union County’s parks. What better place for a walk with our “best friends?” But there are rules:

With the exception of the Echo Lake dog park in Mountainside, dogs must be kept on a leash, no longer than 6-feet. This is for their protection, along with other visitors to the park, human and canine.
Should a dog defecate anywhere in the parks, whether on a macadam walking path, or along a hiking trail in the woods, owners are required to remove any dog waste in a sanitary manner.
Other than at the Echo Lake dog park, dogs are not allowed to roam off-leash, because of the inherent unpredictability of how they will interact with other dogs and humans. There is also the chance of running into a wild animal, that has rabies.
All dogs must have a collar with the appropriate rabies tag and license tag of the municipality where its owner resides.”


Dog Park Rules- Echo Lake, Mountainside NJ

Dog Park Rules- Echo Lake, Mountainside NJ

Annalise and the sidewalk on the outside border of dog park

Annalise and the sidewalk on the outside border of dog park

Taking a peek at Echo Lake dog park before we enter!

Taking a peek at Echo Lake dog park before we enter!

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