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Taylor Park, Millburn, NJ

Main St. and Taylor St., Millburn, NJ. A favorite shady park in Millburn, NJ with plenty of benches.  Fenced in, and 3 main playground structures.  They have a sandbox but no toys.  there is a co-op nursery adjacent to the park, and a bench.  Adjacent to the playground is a very nice walking area.  Information from the Township of Millburn site is:

“Taylor Park (16 acres) Main Street  (973) 564-7750:
Includes Bauer Community Center
ball fields
basketball courts
walking path and playground”

Also check out this article on the history of the park.  Side note: My 2 y old wants to be with his older brother, so I often have to follow him in the bigger structures.  In the 5y+ structure to chase after a 2 y old requires you to go through a tunnel, which is a bit cumbersome.

Update: Pokestops at Taylor Park in Millburn!  We found Pokemon here, and there are tons of Pokestops with the various memorial plaques.  This can be a bustling park, and there are many young adults around.  Since this is downtown Millburn, it’s a perfect place to walk around and grab a bite to eat after catching pokemon.

taylor park millburn nj

Pokestops at Taylor Park in Millburn NJ

For more on Millburn, check out this local online resource: Millburn Patch

Bathrooms open till 4pm at community center.

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