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Adventures in Atahualpa- WordPress Post

I love sharing information and spreading the word about good stuff, not just playgrounds.  When you get an idea in your head it can be so difficult to make the right choices on where to go next, I don’t think you can do anything perfectly on your own, it takes different perspectives, and “specialists” to guide you.

So, I thought I would take the time to thank the following people in the website creation process:

  • Bytes for All for creating a great 3-column theme that I’m using from WordPress.  I am an amateur blogger and appreciate the theme options that have allowed me to customize njplaygrounds.
  • Joel Wesseldyke for introducing and getting me started on WordPress.  What a great way to categorize pictures.  Sorry about Jilly falling off that slide, and the bee stings today, facebook is crazy isn’t it?
  • Yorgoo for his awesome tutorial on customizing Atahualpa how to change dotted lines to dashed, what is a hover link color, where to put my adsense code.
  • Scott Switzer for the WordPress plugin Advertising Manager, great support for when I couldn’t get it working because of case-sensitive issues.
  • The honest and helpful advice from the moms from the Youbemom community to tweak my cluttered homepage.

For those of you contemplating using Atahualpa, here are some other helpful links for novices like me:

How to add blank lines/spaces

Changing the square bullets

Do you use Atahualpa?  Do you like it?  Comment or post your page or both!

12 comments to Adventures in Atahualpa- WordPress Post

  • Pj (doublelattemama)

    I have two wordpress blogs – possibly bringing my blogspot blog over at some point also. I randomly discovered atahualpa because I was looking for a three column design. After checking out numerous other designs, I’m very happy with it – as you said, the customization is very easy. My other site, btw, is

  • […] I’m on a sharing spree lately, as evidenced by my last post on Atahualpa gratitude , my guest post about “Finding your inner blog” and by my tweets about @garyvee since […]

  • rambro

    I tried to add the code and follow the steps from the link “change square bullets” (sample 1 – coded sample) on version 3.4.4 of Atahualpa and it did not work for me. The first set of menu items became blank (no bullets), and the rest of the menu items in their various widgets remained the same. It is similar to the “NJ Park Category” (on your site) but all the other category menu items remained with the square bullets. I tried using the “disc” attribute in the style-list-type css code.

  • Folks may want to check out my own comprehensive Atahualpa video tutorials (on Youtube in HD):

    And also my free eBook “WordPress 101 Quick Start: Your first site in 2 hours”

  • I’ve been using Atahualpa for the last couple of days, and so far I love it! Though I do have one question for you: which version of the theme are you using? This is because I’ve installed the recent one and it’s completely different to your website! And other Atahualpa themed websites out there!

    Other than that, love what you did with the website!

  • admin

    I’ve been using 3.4.1 but then I’ve also had some stuff modified along the way, I have a good friend who is helping me alter some stuff.. I love Atahualpa, it worked great for what I wanted to do..

  • I can’t seem to get an answer to why I get a blank, white page that says “Blog” on it. I sign in to open my site and there is my post and a comment box, but if I click anywhere else, it won’t take me back to the blog. It takes me to the blank page. I deleted and restarted with pages and posts several times and nothing works. Maybe Akismet put me on their blacklist because of that. Is there some other answer that would help get rid of it?
    Also, today I find that there is a title to the home page way above the header that duplicates my tagline. I don’t see any place to configure anything up there. ~~ please help

  • admin

    Hi there, don’t know, haven’t seen that myself. I’d refer you to Leora Wenger, I’ve had problems with some of the plugins, and rather than spend hours, I highly recommend her services, reasonably priced too…

  • powerleg5

    I have been using Atahualpa on one of my blogs now for about 2 years I guess. I know some basic HTML coding and as far as PHP coding, No. Way too confusing. If it’s not already coded to do what I want then I usually don’t get what I want. That seems a shame to have to settle for that in todays high tech world but I have learned to accept it and go on.

    The Atahualpa theme is really good for those that either know how to code or they know someone who does. For people like me who have neither one then Atahualpa does way too much.

    For example, I have been trying forever to change the basic link color of my text that is in the body in Atahualpa and I have been able to change the color of everything except what I wanted changed. Frustrating!!

    What will end up happening is I will get tired of fooling around with it and change themes entirely. I hate that is what I have to do because I like Atahualpa for it’s ability to have my own header image but I hate it because it will do everything except what I need it to do.

  • admin

    Hey PL, I’ve had atahualpa for hmm 2009 abouts? It does take a bit to learn, but I’m appreciating it now.. to change link color, Atahualpa Theme Options > Body Text Links > click on the color box for Link Default Color, you can choose the colors by hex or clicking on the shades..

  • powerleg5

    Thanks admin for the info but that doesn’t change it. I have the link color set at blue but the links in the text remain black. I even went in to options and changed every color I could find from black to blue and that changed the titles to blue but not the text links.

    I have been through the options pages until I was sick of all of them and still can’t get it to act right. I don’t know what to do other than get used to the links being black.

  • admin

    wish i could help you should definitely check out the bfa forum for support, they are great (bytes for all). Good luck!!!

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