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Donaldson Park, Highland Park, NJ

UPDATE 8/5/09- Thanks for the pictures, Jeremy from Edison.  Looks great!  p1010056Check out gallery below. 

Second Avenue, Highland Park, NJ.  I started a new acronym for my site (NVNF) meaning “not visited needs feedback”.   Think it’s working :)  :

From Jeremy: “There are two playgrounds. The park is huge, and this playground was brand new. My two kids loved it. It’s labeled as a park for ages 2-5. There are swings, tons of slides, etc.”

From Middlesex County Parks website:

Acreage: 90 acres
  • 4 Tennis Courts (Lights)
  • 2 Basketball Courts
  • 3 Baseball Fields
  • 3 Softball Fields
  • 4 Soccer Fields
  • 4 Reservable Picnic Groves
  • 2 Open Picnic Groves
  • 2 Playgrounds
  • Boat Ramp
  • Pond
Key Feature: Raritan River

And another cool link with detailed map information and some neat photos from Leoraw, who commented about this park in another blog post.  Also check out her blog:  “Here in HP”

Do you have pictures of this park that we can post on our site?  Or even if you want to just comment, please do!!! Email photos to us (helpful if you include a description too) at

2 comments to Donaldson Park, Highland Park, NJ

  • Shannon P

    While I realize that there are 2 playgrounds in this part, my 2 boys and I keep returning to the one at the bottom on the 2nd Street entrance. It’s large, clean & has some fun equipment for my boys to climb. A few times this summer, we have met my husband here on his way home from work to have a picnic dinner.

  • admin

    This park was recommended for sledding by one of our facebook fans!

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