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Mindowaskin Park Westfield, NJ

N. Euclid Avenue, Westfield, NJ located close to town center.  I would definitely go to Mindowaskin Park  for meeting with friends, downtown Westfield is perfect for strolling and getting a bite to eat.  There’s a great little toy store in the area, Thinka dinka right on Broad Street.  Beautiful playground nearby a brook, kept very clean and great for both toddlers and school-age kids.  To support the park, contact “Friends of Mindowaskin Park” organization.

Slides: Various sizes both for toddlers and older kids
Swings: bucket swings and adult swings
Climbing: Many things to climb on/through
Walking Paths: Beautiful picturesque walking loop w/ gazebo great for lunch
Parking: Lot adjacent to playground
Seesaw: Bouncers

Make A Day of It: Westfield is one of the cutest downtowns we have ever been to. Not only do they have shops, and restaurants, but they also have a movie theater not too far from the park.

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