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Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA

phl1134th Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. *guest post*

There are some great attractions at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Great exhibits, all kinds of animals including very cool carnivores, including lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, and others.  Primates, penguins and a bunch more, check out their animal index to see if they cover some of your favorites. 

For more details and their great age guide check out the official website.

Logistics:  (This is for the regular season Mar 1- Nov1)

Philadelphia Zoo is located in Fairmount Park.

Parking is available along Girard Avenue (35th and 38th St.)

Open daily from 9:30AM – 5:00 PM

Pricing: (for March 1- November 1 2009 season)

Adults (12y and over)- $18.00

Child (2y-11y)- $15.00 (under 2y is free)

Attractions Highlights:  Besides some great animal sightseeing


there are some cool attractions for kids including, (pricing as of Aug 2009)

 the train ($3)



swan paddle boats ($6), phl5

rainforest carousel ($3)phl7

hot-air balloon ($15) (family of 4 – $50)


If you have some feedback on this zoo, and any helpful pointers or tips, please comment below!

Today’s guest pictures come from Katja, one of the coolest moms in the R&F universe. Editor note: I’m a big fan of Ronnie B. and his incredible interviews, and his show has kept me sane when I’m in the mood for a little honesty, and uncensored radio. Definitely not for your kids, but if you are curious, check em out on Sirius XM and one of the features I look forward to, Unmasked.  

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