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Votee Park, Teaneck, NJ


From “The Playground Guide”- Bergen County Edition:
ADDRESS: Queen Anne Rd & Court St
DIRECTIONS: NJ-4 E to Queen Anne Rd ramp towards Ridgefield Park/Bergenfield. Turn right onto Queen Anne Rd and stay straight for approximately .6 miles. Turn left onto Court St.
DESCRIPTION: Huge and brand new inclusive playground with so many great things to do, too many to even mention! This inclusive playground is full of ramps and playthings making it easy to maneuver. The structure is great for toddlers with all of the ramps and rubber square surface. All of the playthings are educational based with musical keyboards, sign language lessons, fire safety tips, and so much more.
PARKING: Street parking
PICNICKING: A gazebo like shelter four two tables.
HANDICAP: All handicap accessible with six handicap swings
CLIMBING: Corkscrew poles, climbing walls, repellers, monkey bars, mushroom caps, log roll, parallel bars, un even bars, balance beams, fire truck, rock climbing walls
PLAYTHINGS: Tic-tac-toe, sign language walls, alligators, hippo tunnels call boxes, puzzles, steering wheels, ladybug and bumble bee bouncers, looking glass
SLIDES: One corkscrew, two double, one bump, two partial corkscrew, one huge triple
SPORTS: Tennis, basketball
SWINGS: Six full size, two toddler, six handicap
WALKING PATHS: Paved around the park
OTHER COOL STUFF: There is another area next to playground with just climbing equipment. Richard Rodda Community Center is one block over with a 4 star playground on Palisade Ave and Colonial Ct.
MAKE A DAY OF IT: Take a cool trip to Bischoff’s Ice Cream store located at 165 Cedar Lane. Bischoff’s is an old fashioned ice cream parlor with the best ice cream and shakes in the area.

With my kids in school and an increasingly active baby, it has been a challenge to leave our surrounding area. I’m even having a tough time just keeping up with posting new places that are on email or my camera. This is the reason I am forever grateful for guest pictures and posts for areas that have been geographically difficult for me to visit. Thanks contributors!

These beautiful photos were taken by my close chocolatier friend, Dina. As a culinary expert she’ll also be reviewing nearby food establishments that are worth taking the kids to as well. I really look forward to visiting this park which has been recommended several times. It will be in our biggest and best section.

Thanks, Dina!

More info on this park from

“Votee Park, the largest completely developed park in Teaneck Township, is located in the north central portion of the municipality. The park covers the entire area between Queen Anne Road and Palisade Avenue from Colonial Court to Court Street. As the most extensively developed and heavily used recreation site in Teaneck, facilities include an in-ground swimming pool, a children’s wading pool, rest rooms, an amphitheater, three soccer fields (two lighted), five baseball fields (two lighted with field houses and refreshment stands), a double handball court, four tennis courts (lighted), and a lighted, enclosed, two court basketball facility. Playground equipment consists of a merry-go-round, tot swings, horse swings, sandbox, two see-saws, a mini-gym climbing structure and spring toys. Two paved walking paths are in the park. The largest, measures 1.16 miles and surrounds the entire park. The smaller, measuring 1/3 mile surrounds the two lighted soccer fields. Two designated picnic areas are located in the park equipped with burners and permanent picnic tables.”

also from a commenter about Small Safe Enclosed Quiet Playgrounds (SSEQ):

“I don’t know any that are fully enclosed AND safe AND quiet, however I can say that the playground at Votee Park in Teaneck is enclosed and has special swings for kids with physical disabilities. Depending on he time of day and the season it can be quiet or loud – It’s definitely quite active, but my child doesn’t tend to get over-stimulated there and I find it one of the safer and better-designed parks we’ve been to. Memorial Park in Dumont has a generally pretty quiet playground, and is safe, but not fenced.”

Here are your pics:


6 comments to Votee Park, Teaneck, NJ

  • MamaNonas

    my kids love the “fire truck park” it is a little big and you have to be on the move with them, especially with little ones.

  • Jellypinkivy

    This is a large rec park with three pkayground areas. Yes, the one IS totally enclosed, which is nice, and usually on hot days has an ice cream truck or two next to it. I specifically went here to see the merry go round and see saes. I didnt see any in either of the three play areas.


    The playground on the south end by the Rec Center is best for very young small children. It isn’t liable to get overrun with the 6+ age kids the way the area at the North end might at peak times. The Northern end park is far more extensive though, and has two sets of swings the smaller set up lacks. There is also a little known “pee wee” play area near the picnic and bandshell, on the Queen Anne Road side. They do have swings there, and the sprinkler fountain that operates in the summer months for the toddler ages.

    It’s unfortunate that during busy times, some adults may be less thoughtful and camp out at the few tables for long periods, chatting and texting while their kids run loose by themselves. The park itself is a jewel, a wondrous affirmation that public play spaces can be of quality and add to the enjoyment of local families.

  • ali

    teaneck park contaminated

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Last updated:
    Wednesday January 11, 2012, 8:06 AM
    TEANECK — Tests of soil samples taken near
    the surface of the soccer field at Milton A.
    Votee Park indicate that contaminants first
    discovered there last month do not exceed
    state safety standards, according to
    preliminary results released Tuesday.

    The results showed that soil tested in one
    sample taken from up to 6 inches below the
    surface contained levels of polychlorinated
    biphenyls, or PCBs, at 0.03 parts per million,
    below the limit of 0.2 parts per million set by
    the state. The tests, on samples taken on
    Dec. 23, detected levels PCBs that were below
    the state’s remediation standard for
    residential direct contact.
    The results were presented at a Township
    Council meeting by Benjamin Alter, a
    principal at GZA GeoEnvironmental of

    In samples taken 6½ to 7 feet below the
    surface, engineers found benzo(a)pyrene at
    0.038 parts per million, below the state
    standard of 0.2.

    One of the samples contained mercury at a
    level that exceeded the state’s impact-to-
    groundwater screening level of 0.1 parts per
    million, Alter said.

    Votee Park has been closed since Dec. 14,
    when the township was informed that some
    of the soil samples taken below the soccer
    field showed elevated levels of benzo(a)
    pyrene, PCBs and mercury that exceeded
    state standards and guidelines. Those tests
    were conducted in October.

    The Township Council on Dec. 23 awarded a
    $140,290 contract to GZA GeoEnvironmental
    to conduct additional tests to determine
    whether tainted soil found beneath the
    playing fields posed health and
    environmental risks.

    GZA GeoEnvironmental also was expected to
    test the rest of the park to find out if
    contaminated soil was present, and whether
    contaminated soil was used as fill in the rest
    of the park. The company also will help the
    township develop a site remediation plan if
    one is necessary.

    The second round of tests was conducted on
    samples taken closer to the surface than
    those tested in the first round to determine,
    among other things, whether the
    contamination had spread to the surface and
    whether it posed a danger to children and
    others who use the fields.

    “It begs the question that if it’s contaminated
    down there, can it be contaminated at the
    surface where you could come into contact
    with it … where you can inhale it or ingest it,”
    Alter said, explaining the rationale for testing
    soil closer to the surface.

  • Michele


    I had written once before. This park is open if you would like to look at the official link here it is again.

    I love this park and have been going since the restriction has been lifted.

  • NJ Mom

    We love this park especially on days when the ground may be a little wet. Since the enclosed park features a covered (and soft) surface there’s no risk of damp shoes. There’s not much shade in the encolsed portion however so if you plan to visit on a hot day plan to spend time in other areas of the park.

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