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Mobus Park, Watchung

Thanks Sara Rall for this guest post!

Mobus Park, Brookdale Rd., near Mountain Blvd., Watchung, Union Co.

Mobus Park is a lovely little shady community playground next to Watchung Lake. They have two metal and plastic play structures with a little play house under the one for younger kids, and a steep climbing wall and inclined parallel bars on the larger one. There are 4 swings (2 infant) and a nice pavilion with bathrooms and water fountain.

It is right next to a small, shallow brook, and though my younger children hadn’t noticed this, my older ones spent most of the time throwing rocks and sticks in.

There is a very popular walking path around Watchung Lake that goes right past the playground. It’s about a mile long and features a couple of gazebos and a good view of a dam/waterfall and fountains. You can also park on Stirling Rd. near the Watchung circle and walk the path, with the playground falling about half-way around, if you are looking for more exercise.

Marino’s Pizza, about a mile south of the lake on Somerset St. has great pizza and Italian food.

4 comments to Mobus Park, Watchung

  • donna

    someone told me about the pavillion in wachung, nj where you can rent and have a party under this outdoor gazebo. do you know anything about this?

  • Sara

    Watchung Lake has a utilitarian brick gazebo by the playground with several picnic tables. I have been to several parties there. They also have a large-ish gazebo on the other side of the lake by the waterfall. Finally there is a tiny gazebo at the side of the lake. I have seen people taking wedding pictures at both of these (the lakeside one is particularly lovely in spring) but never a party there. Don’t know if any of them are open to non-residents.

    Just down the road in Warren is another utilitarian gazebo by a huge playground where we have hosted a party (apply at the police dept. and pay a modest fee).

    Lyons which is part of Basking Ridge has a huge gazebo at their playground in Pleasant Valley park, and Harry Dunham in Liberty Corner also has a great gazebo for parties.

    Finally, Mountain View Park in Middlesex has a gazebo, grills, and a decent playground, and Buckleigh down in New Brunswick has a gazebo by the playground, too.

  • Chris

    Can anyone provide an update on your fall foliage? I am a photographer and am very interested in shooting at your location…

  • I am considering having my son’s first birthday party here. If you are interested call the township. The fee is reasonable but have your home owner’s/ renter’s insurance handy. We went to visit this park today and while having many pros there are also some cons.


    Brand new tennis courts
    Basketball courts are nice
    Restroom is located inside the pavilion (very convenient for a party)
    Everything is close together (I like this because everyone won’t be spread out)
    No graffiti


    Playground needs some definite TLC! They’ve used boards to patch up some faulty equipment including a side (preventing entrance). The equipment looks very aged.
    One infant swing is missing
    The pavilion could use a good scrub down or maybe a paint job. Birds have built some nests in the pavilion. A small board of the roof is missing.Lots of gum spots on the floor.
    Last but not least, WATCH OUT FOR GEESE POOP!!

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