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Inman Park, Franklin NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall-

Inman Park, on Leupp Lane off John F Kennedy Blvd. in Franklin Township (Somerset County) has some very nice play equipment in a beautiful setting.

Be sure to park in the lot further to the northeast or you will have a long, hot trudge past the tennis courts to get to the playground.

There is a smaller structure for younger kids with swings nearby (2 infant, 2 regular) and a structure for older children with a climbing wall, intertwining tunnels and a finger maze, with a two-handle barrel zip line

They have a picnic pavilion and a shady area with more picnic tables by the playground. There is a beautiful nature trail, a fair amount of paved pathways (for bikes or strollers), playing fields, basketball courts and
tons of tennis courts.

There are bathrooms, but they were locked when we visited. More pics below!

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  • Sara

    About 1.5 miles north of here, where JFK Blvd. hits Easton Ave. you can get some really terrific Indian food. Hoysala (on JFK) is famous in the area for South Indian food, though not particularly kid friendly, and Poojah (on Easton) also has excellent generic Indian food.

    For the less adventurous there are also Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and IHOP here plus a cool-looking but average diner.

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