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Harding Township School, New Vernon, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall- (please note this playground is most likely unavailable during school hours)

Harding Township School, at the corner of Long Hill and Lees Hill Roads in New Vernon (Morris Co.) has a large play structure with an astounding number of interesting details.

The main structure has lots of slides including a really steep one and some very tall. There is a barrel roll, rectangular and round climbing nets, pedals, circular monkey bars, a display about Braille with a clock, a finger maze with the planets, a table with a checker board, a math wheel, and on and on.

The playground is sunny and can get hot or windy. It is aimed at kids over 5, though my 3-year old had no trouble with the equipment. There are swings but no infant swings. There’s a playing field and basketball courts. A porta-potty is available when the school is closed.

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  • Sara

    Right around the corner on Village Rd. is Village Market, a decent deli if you are looking for something quick to eat.

    Jockey Hollow encampment is right up Glen Alpine Rd. about 5 miles from here.

    The Great Swamp is down Long Hill Rd. with a parking area on the right leading to a cool boardwalk/bird blind (with bathrooms). Plus a very nice plant nursery across the street (from the boardwalk), and Casa Maya a few miles further down Long Hill Rd., for great Mexican food.

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