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New Market Park, Piscataway, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall:

New Market Park, on Kossuth Dr. (note: Kossuth is one way northbound) at Allen St. East in Piscataway (Middlesex Co.) is my favorite of Piscataway’s extensive system of neighborhood parks.

The playground has a nautical theme with:

  • triple slide “rock wall” stairs
  • suspended steps
  • cool piston toy
  • rocking dinosaur
  • swings

Park amenities include a picnic shelter, tennis, basketball and baseball.

There’s some shade but no bathrooms.

Two blocks north is New Market Pond with a very cool dam, and a gazebo out on a little peninsula. A very pretty place to walk.

2 comments to New Market Park, Piscataway, NJ

  • Heather

    The park looks nice in the pictures. However, not so good to take the kids to. The park is dirty. The teens in the area hang out there, and all of thier “nightly actions” still linger in the park. I use to live with in walking distance from there and always took my kids to another park, because I felt that it was to dirty and the kids would ask what some things were on the ground.

  • Heathersucks

    I understand where your coming from but theyve been doing construction and theres weddings there. You cant blame everything on the young kids. Childish

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