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Mt. Horeb School, Warren, NJ

Mt. Horeb School Warren
Guest Post by Sara Rall:
Mt. Horeb School playground is located on 80 Mt. Horeb Rd., Warren (Somerset Co.) It has two very nice playgrounds (obviously only available when school is out). The first is a fully-fenced playground for younger kids with a large play structure featuring tubes and suspended steps.

On the other side of the school is the playground for older children (though my 3 year old loves it, too) featuring what are essentially three interconnected play structures with high slides, a cool periscope, monkey bars, lots of different climbing equipment, a spiral pole, more. They also have a zip line, a map of the US, basketball nets, a huge backboard, and a hill that is perfect for rolling down. (A great spot also for sledding)

Unfortunately there is very little shade and no bathrooms.

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