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Castle Park II, Toms River, NJ

If you are looking to book a party, unfortunately you can’t according to the Toms River website.  See this link for further explanation.

North Bay Avenue & Oak Avenue, Toms River, NJ.  What a great playground, my sons both had a wonderful time.  We spent the day at Blackbeard’s cave ($18 for wristband from 12-5pm on sunday) and then came over here for some more play. It was a full day and the kids want to go back!  At Castle Park II there are 2 playgrounds, a pre-school age 2-5 and school-age 5-10. It is a very popular place with tons of kids. There are 2 toddler swings and more bigger swings. Slides, sway-fun (big swaying apparatus, see pic), and lots of castle structures.  See the pics for details.

6 comments to Castle Park II, Toms River, NJ

  • sara

    Just checked this playground out today on the way home from a trip to Island Beach State Park (beautiful beaches, shells, boogie boarding) and Seaside Heights (classic trashy jersey boardwalk with rides and great pizza).

    Loved the playground. It’s big, clean, and fun with lots of interesting features. My 5 year old loved not having woodchips.

    By the way it’s largely ADA accessable, though not tagged that way yet on your site.

  • It’s a beautiful park, plenty of equipment and well maintained.

  • Anna

    where is this park? It looks like so much fun

  • Amy

    We are interested in going to the park, but we want to know if there are any bathroom facilities?

  • […] Castle Park II: This cool playground located in Toms River, features some of the best play equipment for kids. Split into two play areas, one for toddlers ages 2 – 5 and one for children 5 – 10, this playground has it all. While younger children can enjoy the swings, rocking horses, small slides and cool castle themed play houses built into the jungle gym, older kids will have more age-appropriate equipment to entertain themselves.Highlighted in the school-aged children’s play area are larger slides, bridges and everything castle and playground themed. If you have a child who is a slight daredevil, bring them over to the fireman’s pole and let them slide down it full speed or assist them as they try their hand at climbing atop the jungle-gym rocks, conquering their fear in the process!Information here […]

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