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Playground Blogging is not just NJ

It was refreshing to find a whole playground fanbase here in NJ, and I thank everyone for spreading the word.  It’s pretty inspiring to know that the idea of publishing free places to play is global, and I’m happy to share the ones I’ve communicated with and also have been contacted about.  So if you are in NJ but going on vacation, check out our friends all over the world:

National Playspace Finder (

Another great Playspace and things to do Finder (

California Playgrounds– Orange County, CA

California Playgrounds– North San Diego County, CA

Australia Playgrounds

Canada (British Columbia- mainly Victoria/Vancouver) Playgrounds (Thanks to @OCPlayParks for finding her)

Canada (Greater Halifax Area, Nova Scotia) Playgrounds (Thanks to @OCPlayParks again!)

Northern Massachusetts Playgrounds

Washington DC  Area Playgrounds- Blogger w/ great links

Recess blog from Peaceful Playgrounds

Playgroundology- new favorite that covers playgrounds all over the world

Are you a playground blogger?  or know of one? Comment below and tell us about it.

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