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Ptl. Danny Hughes Memorial Pre-School Playground, Oakland, NJ

Ptl. Danny Hughes Memorial Pre-School Playground, is located on Oakland, NJ. Great playground for ages 0-5 only. It is a smaller area but it is completely enclosed with mulch ground cover. There is a large shade tree in the center with a wrap around bench that allows parents to see every angle of the play area. All Little Tykes equipment that is great for this age group.
DIRECTIONS: Route 287 N, merge onto Route 208 N to exit 58 Route 202/Oakland. Make a left at the light and cross over railroad tracks. Proceed to the third traffic light and make a right onto Butternutt Ct. Butternutt Ct splits-bare to the right onto Lawlor Dr. Take Lawlor Dr to the end and make a left onto Oak St. Playground will be on your left.

PARKING: Large unpaved lot close to the playground.
PICNICKING: Park is in recreational complex area with picnic tables.
MERRY-GO-ROUND: Four seater merry go round
PLAYTHINGS: Tic-tac-toe, steering wheel, play house, storefront, tunnels
SANDBOX: Large with toys
SLIDES: Three toddler slides
SWINGS: Four toddler
OTHER COOL STUFF: Large dinosaur and alligator play animals to sit and climb on
MAKE A DAY OF IT: Head back into town and have lunch at the Falls View Grill. They have a drive through if you are headed home or a large air conditioned seating area.

3 comments to Ptl. Danny Hughes Memorial Pre-School Playground, Oakland, NJ

  • victoria

    Does anyone know what a good GPS address for this might be? I looked at it online and it looks like there is another playground nearby I just don’t want to confuse people if I go there. Thanks!


  • admin

    HI Victoria,

    Looks like it may be under construction! I just saw this on their website:

    Saturday, March 17
    NEW Playground Surface On Its Way
    As the Oakland Recreation Complex continues to improve, the next BIG thing is a new surface for the main playground. Out will be the cut up dirty tire pieces, in will be a new ADA compliant, colorful, clean and soft surface. Keep an eye on the playground as June is the target month for completion.

    more info:

  • victoria

    I am thinking that is referring to the main playground which is located in the same complex. The new surface sounds great, fair lawns parks have the tire pieces, I don’t mind them but they can get a bit dirty. Only problem with the clean soft surfaces is that they get really hot in the summer.

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