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Turkey Brook Park, Mount Olive



Historical POST below

Sunset Dr, Budd Lake

From Route 80 W take exit 26 which is US-46W toward Budd Lake/Hackettstown. Turn right onto Anderson Pl. Left onto Mount Olive Rd. Turn slight left onto Flanders Rd and then right onto Sunset Dr.

Turkey Brook Park is a very large, town park with tons of fields and great walking paths around the perimeter. There is also a dog park and a picnicking gazebo. The playground itself is not too large and can be very busy when there are multiple games or lots of teams practicing. However, everything is beautiful! Lots of sun!

Parking: Large, but can be extremely crowded!
Picnicking: A gazebo with tables, lots of benches. concessions seasonally
Climbing: Corkscrew pole, mushroom caps suspended by chains and connected to a crescent step structure
Merry-go-round: Two single person spinning cups
Playthings: Looking glass, benches underneath
Seesaws: Three-seater with handles
Slides: One tube, three bump
Sports: Tons of ball and soccer fields, two tennis courts, two full court basketball courts, football, two volleyball courts
Swings: Four full size, two toddler
Walking Paths: Paved paths around the perimeter of the park
Other Cool Stuff: brand new dog park

Make a Day of It
There isn’t much nearby this facility. However, you could combine a trip here with a trip to the Pax Amicus Castle Theatre which is a great children’s theatre and just five minutes away.

4 comments to Turkey Brook Park, Mount Olive

  • Linda

    In addition to the dog park,
    are dogs allowed on the walking paths on a Leash?

  • The playground seen in the images here has been removed and replaced with our spectacular, all abilities access Mount Playmore! The entire playground is covered with rubber tiles. It is one way in, one way out fenced playground for maximum safety. There is a special Tot Lot for children under age 4 and a large area for children 5 years+. There are two swing bays both equipped with handicap swings and one tire swing! There are over 7 slides, a pirate ship, a castle and climbing wall, bridges, and so much more! We welcome everyone to come visit!

  • maryann

    is the new SPLASH PARK open/?

  • that playground does not even look like turkey brook park.

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