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Stagg Field, West Orange

Editor’s Note: Rachael is our newest roving reporter, and earns 2 passes to IMAGINE THAT!!! Children’s Museum in Florham Park, NJ.  She shares this park which is nearby the Turtle Back Zoo! If you want to be a roving reporter too, check out details here. 

Stagg Field, located on 385 Saint Cloud Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052 (link to Google Map) is a large park with two playground areas for different aged groups. Two large fields sometimes used for soccer. There is also a base ball diamond, a basket ball court and 4 tennis courts. The playground area for the smaller children 2-5 is fenced in. There are benches in the shade for the parent in the pre-school playground.

Recommended Ages: One playground for 5-12 year olds and a pre-school playground for 2-5 year olds
Climbing: both areas have climbing items
Playthings: little kids – wheel, spinners
See-Saws: one 4 person with animals
Slides: big kids – 3 way side, little kids – multiple sizes including a curly
Swings: each area has- 2 baby & 2 regular in preschool area, 4 regular in bigger kids area
Other: balance beam, hand over hand ladder (?not sure what these things are called), dizzy maker spinner.

Parking: small parking near the playground area, more parking on other side of field, street parking
Benches: A few benches are scattered throughout the playground area in pre-school playground
Food & Beverage: Pizza & Ice Cream across and down the street, McDonalds, Subway, deli, take out Chinesse and Dunkin Donuts near by
Bathrooms: Large indoor bathrooms right next to the playground, not always open though
Sports Fields: Lots of open fields
Basketball: Full court with at least 2 nets, not lit
Tennis: 4 tennis courts lit
Walking Paths: just around upper park area
Other Cool Stuff: Never very crowded, can always find parking

Make a Day of It: Turtle Back Zoo, Codey Skating arena and Mini Golf near by, all part of South Mountain Reservation, good place for hiking.

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