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Quibbletown Park, Piscataway

Quibbletown Park
Academy Street and South Washington Avenue

Quibbletown Park in Piscataway is a beautifully landscaped park has a lot to offer!

The playground is nicely set back from the parking lot with a beautiful paver walkway leading up to it and pretty bushes and plants all around it. There are ramps leading up to the equipment. Benches surround the play equipment and the swings are nicely set off to the side and include a tire swing too!

Equipment includes slides, playthings like tic-tac-toe and tons of fun climbing poles and ramps. It’s great for a mix of younger and older children Tons of monkey bars, uneven bars, parallel bars will provide entertainment for older kids or even adults who want to do some strength training while still keeping an eye on the littler ones playing nearby.

Four courts and a backboard make this destination appealing for tennis aficionados. There are also multiple fields, basketball, restrooms and lots of picnicking spots.

Update: Please see comment below from an anonymous tip of a local resident..

6 comments to Quibbletown Park, Piscataway

  • admin

    Via message I received the following comment about this park: “Just a note about Quibbletown park – it’s one hot mess. We lived in the area when our kids were preschool aged, the middle school kids smoke, drink, curse and run on the playground equip with their bikes. yes we rang the cops but they have bigger issues to deal with. More than once broken bottles and condoms were found in the park so be careful about telling folks how beautiful the park is – esp when the the playground has been sandblasted to cover up the visible F*** You written in spray paint!”

  • Kristen

    This park was recently redone and is AWESOME now. You definitely need new pictures of the update! =)

  • Baalaji

    Dear Concerned,

    We are a group of people who use the Quibbletown park Volleyball playground during the weekends. We notice that the restrooms remain locked during the weekends. We are planing for a Volleyball tournament this weekend and it would be of great help if the park’s restrooms are open during the games. Please let us know if something could be done on this regard.

  • tfdfdfd

    Restrooms are always locked, sprinkle water is broken.
    Park is very good.

  • tfdfdfd

    For past few days tennis court nets are taken down, not sure when they ll be on again…

  • Nearby resident

    Restrooms are always locked. Please open them or else shift them to portable restrooms. In urgency u don’t have any place.

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