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Dennis P. Collins Park, Bayonne, NJ

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Elisha  for submitting this roving reporter. For her submission she receives 4 passes (2 adults, 2 children) to Asbury Eighteen Miniature Golf (Limit 1 set per family, pass good for 2012 season which is 3/30 thru Sept 2012). If you’d like to participate in our roving reporter program, click here for more information.

Dennis P. Collins Park/1st Street park is wonderful- view of the Bayonne Bridge & the Bay & Staten Island… the Tugboats & merchant ships… Plenty of share… Pretty crevices (like small little bridges within the park), Two dog Parks, small & large, a walking /bike path along the water… MANY playgrounds, a splash ground,

How many stars would you give this park on a scale of 1-5? 4 or 5

Street Address: All along 1st Street from Kennedy Boulevard to the East end of Bayonne

New Jersey Turnpike south to 14A; pick up Route 440; pick up 440 sough on the right; left turn for 440 South; get off at the last exit in New Jersey before the Bayonne Bridge to Staten Island; turn left onto Avenue A; head down to first street and take the left; go under the Bayonne Bridge and the park will be on the right.

Name of Manufacturer: (Optional) – Gametime

Playground at Broadway/1st Street:

Adorable Pirate Ship motif!

Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)  3 & up

Climbing: Plenty- rockclimbing wall, Back of the ship are “stairs” carved from stone (plastic), ladder wrungs

Playthings: tic tac toe

Slides: Yes, two large tunnel slides, one small, bumpy slide.

Other: Monkey bars, fireman pole, two steering wheels to steer the ship, DINOSAUR FOSSILS under the ship play area for hiding. This area is NOT enclosed

No: Merry Go Round. Sandbox or See-Saws


Sprayground at Broadway/1st Street:

Rainbow sprinkler & two palm tree sprinklers + regular sprinklers. Entrance has two cute welcoming dolphins. This area is NOT enclosed

Playground between  Broadway & Avenue C:

Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)  older…At least 4 & up

Climbing: all climbing… monkey bars, etc.

Playthings: Balance thingies.

Slides: Yes, two  large slides.

Swings:  None.

Other: This area is NOT enclosed & there’s no shade.


Playground at Avenue C/1st Street:

Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)  Infant & up

Climbing: stairs to slide, tunnels, monkey bars

Playthings: tic tac toe

Slides: Yes, two  large tunnel slides, one large regular slide, kiddie-sized slides

Swings:  Plenty of big kid swings & two bucket swings.

Other: This area is enclosed Restrooms & water fountain here. Area is shady.

No: Merry Go Round. Sandbox or See-Saws.


Playground at Kennedy Boulevard/1st Street:

Recommended Ages: (usually posted on the equipment or at the park)  Infant & up

Slides: 1, 4-part,  Big Foot Slide

Swings:  Plenty of big kid swings & two bucket swings + 1 disabled bucket swing

Other: This area is NOT enclosed but it is fairly private next to the Little League Fields & parking Restrooms & water fountain here.

No: Merry Go Round. Sandbox or See-Saws.What kind of amenities can you find at this location?


Parking:  Yes, near the Kennedy Boulevard Playground + all along the outside of the park/1st Street.

Benches:  PLENTY all through the park.


Food & Beverage:   None in the park except the occasional Mr. Softee or Ices Truck. Outside of the park, there’s a deli & a pizza place.


Picnicking:  Plenty of areas for picnicking includind, grassy shady areas & picnic tables… Plus chess/checker tables that can be eaten on.


Drinking Fountain:  Yes, near one of the playgrounds, in the middle of the park, Avenue C playground. Restrooms.


Bathrooms: Two restroom areas- one near the  Kennedy Boulevard Playground & one near the middle, Avenue C playground.


Handicap Accessibility:  Yes…


Basketball: Yes


Tennis: 2 courts

Water: Sprayggrounds near Broadway Playground, ON the Bay (watch the tugboats & ships)


Walking Paths:

The first segment of the Bayonne Walkway extends from the Bayonne Bridge along the south end of the municipality through Kill Van Kull Park, Gorman Field and Mayor Dennis Collins Park.


Other Cool Stuff & Sports Fields: :

2 Bike Parks ( )

ball fields (softball + Bayonne Little League & T-Ball), lawn Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, bocci ball courts, Brady’s Dock (nice view/fishing), chess/checker tables.


Make a Day of It:  Mini Golf Bayonne : 24th St & DelMonte Drive, 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., weather permitting.


Some History behind the park:

Dennis P. Collins (1924 – December 6, 2009) was an American  Democratic party politician  who served as the 24th mayor of Bayonne, New Jersey from 1974 until his retirement in 1990

This is the largest park in Bayonne. When Stephen Spielberg filmed War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, he set up “camp” here. When they finished, Spielberg donated money to revamp a Little League Field.

2 comments to Dennis P. Collins Park, Bayonne, NJ

  • Xiomara

    Helo interested in hosting a birthday party at the park, are we allowed to have bouncys there(the inflatable jumping bouncy s)??

  • Jose

    Are BBQ grills allowed in the park? I’ve seen many times during the summer people at the park using BBQ grills.

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