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Imagination Playground / Horseshoe Lake, Roxbury, NJ

Imagination Playground in Succasunna (Roxbury) NJ is an impressive playground built by the community and again rebuilt. Please note that Horseshoe Lake/Beach (not part of the playground) is for members only and their guests, for more information on how to purchase membership check out this link
Come check out the newest improvements including my son’s favorite rocketship structure.

UPDATE: PLAYGROUND IS COMPLETE, AND BEAUTIFUL!! these pictures are from this link

Also check out their main page for information-


Sneak peek of Roxbury rebuilt May 2010, thanks to

Here are our pictures from our visit in August 2010 –

For more pictures check out the bottom of the post, however note that we didn’t have the heart to delete all the old Roxbury ones, so we kept them for nostalgia, they are noted by “OLD ROXBURY” caption..

58 Eyland Avenue, Succasunna, NJ.  17 years ago this wooden playground was built with love by the community.  I got a chance to talk to a father of 4 who saw it being built.  Originally from Long Island he had settled here and though there are some minor changes, the charm of this play area is still there.  I learned that the field is actually from Giants Stadium!!! Every year the stadium would get new sod (I think that’s the term, I do not have a green thumb) and it was Roxbury’s turn to get the year old stuff.  They actually ship the stuff via trucks and implant it on their field, pretty cool..

So playground is one of the best I’ve seen, and thanks to Amy Lamperti’s playground guide, finding the best Morris County playgrounds is very simple. Bathroom is really close by, and this place also has their town beach right there, you need a membership (more info here), but there are playground structures on the beach too, took some pictures of them also. Wide open spaces, where the dad I met could watch his oldest have soccer practice at the same time take his youngest to play.

9 comments to Imagination Playground / Horseshoe Lake, Roxbury, NJ

  • mel zingone


  • admin

    hey thanks for the heads up!!! I got this update from Roxbury,

    Looks like construction on a new playground is going to be in May! If you want to volunteer here is the information:

  • margie

    In my town was a wooden playground that was knocked down last year due to chemicals in the wood (so was said) and a regular playground is now being constructed. We visited the playground in Roxbury (found on this site) and was estatic to say the least. Now I’m sitting on the computer to get directions for today & am completly heartbroken that it too was knocked down. What is being built is just a nice regular playground. It is wonderful, don’t get me wrong that a new one is made….BUT the wooden one was just an entire new wonderland to a child & the little hallways and ups/downs inside the wooden structure was joyful to the little ones and now it’s not there anymore….heartbroken, tears and kinda discusted

  • slikerm

    I have been to the “before” playground at Horseshoe Lake and the “after”. The “before” one was great in its uniqueness but it was worn/old. Your child was limited to using his/her imagination only. This new one is GREAT in its own right! Separate areas for your tiny kids as well as your bigger kids. A boat & little houses to play in. Still some “coves” to hide in. For parents, a covered bench area to shade you from the sun. Completely secure at keeping your kid inside the park! Additionally, great walking/biking trails right outside the park. I know it was built with love & much thought into what the KIDS wanted. They asked many of them (all ages) what they wanted BEFORE they built it. The only thing I would change is the fact that there are no really big slides!

  • C

    Does anyone know if there is a track to go running at this park? I’m looking for a good place that I can run at but not a track that only goes into circles.

  • K

    There is no track, but there is a 1.5 mile paved loop around the park for walking, jogging, biking, blading, scootering…. If you go with the kids, they can bike while you run and then you can take them over to the playground. There is one short section that is shared by pedestrians and cars, but the cars always drive slowly and it’s plenty wide enough that it’s not really a problem. Just have to make sure the kids are not riding in the middle of the road in that section.

  • Cassidy

    Is there a spray ground at this playground? I live in Morris County and can’t find a close spray ground. thank you!

  • Cindy

    No spray ground. But, new pathway off the paved path that is wide and really great for bikes. It connects to the West Morris Greenway. It is located at the southeastern corner of the long bike path (behind the Roxbury Day Care Center, where the path parallels the railroad tracks). The path crosses Righter Road and continues on an easement through a beautiful, calming route along the MCMUA’s property. This connection will go out to Pleasant Hill Road in Randolph; this distance is 1.5 miles, or a 3-mile round trip. From there, the path continues to Pleasant Hill Road in Chester. From the start of the connection to Chester is a 5 mile route, or a 10-mile round trip. Here’s a link to Roxbury’s Parks from which I copied the above description:

  • Brenda

    Loved the old one BUT you couldn’t really see or even track your kids unless you stayed right behind them! New one is better for visibility and still much better than the average playground.

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