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The Walk to School & Our 9/24 Event! (Short blog post from Sheila)

Our closed street is great for tricyclists and bike learners

Our closed street is great for tricyclists and bike learners

Editor’s Note: Let me be honest, I have entered a new phase of my life where exploring new playgrounds hasn’t been in the cards lately.  I miss it, but I’m having lots of fun with the kids in familiar surroundings. As the fall continues, I will be updating the site more, and having new places, just bear with us. If you want to catch up with me, I’ll be at Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum, from 10AM-1PM tomorrow (9/24/2013) for a fabulous Mommy and Me Event!  I’ve put together a nice basket that will be up for raffle too.  Scroll down for a peek.  

Our morning routine has now changed to include one more school for our trio to travel to and from.  We get a nice walk in before the day starts. With the newest construction in town walking has been the best alternative for us.

So when my friend in Springfield with 3 kids posted this picture on facebook, I had to ask her if I could share it, and she being the sweet mama she is, allowed it.  I know we all have these moments, and would love to include some of our fan pics that make us laugh.  If you have a good one, please email them to me, I’d love to share them in upcoming blog posts.


Keeping Mama's head warm

Keeping Mama’s head warm

This cracked me up. I remember when we had a single stroller that was being occupied by 3 young kids, and wish I snapped a picture of that chaos.

Now that the kids are older we don’t have to worry about them running into the street.  But I did see some cool ideas along the way for the wanderers.

My daughter crosses over in the afternoon to the nursery school next door and they have a walking rope.

It works!  Also may help if you are walking with a group of young kids. (We have an amazon store, so thought, why not, link is above, if you want to support the site and buy stuff from amazon, that helps us to keep chugging along)

Do you have a picture to share? Share it with us, we can add it here for fun and let us know some more tips on walking kids to school.

By the way, here’s a quick peek at our basket for tomorrow’s Imagine That!!! event (includes a kite, $15 Dunkin Donuts Gift card, story book, tablet purse, and Morris County Playground Guide) :

Visit us 9/24 at Imagine That!! (chance to win this basket and much more)

Visit us 9/24 at Imagine That!! (chance to win this basket and much more)


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