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Regular Home Page or Latest Blog Posts?


So being a mostly playground guide/blogger, I need feedback, I’m going through this website and don’t  know whether to make it go to just my home page (have had that for months) or just put the latest blog posts (what you are seeing now).  Please comment new and old users!  I need your feedback 🙂 from EVERYONE.  Also I have to change the theme soon to accomodate a 3rd column, so this page will change!

PS: I just went to a great event last night in NYC sponsored by chicmommagazine.  Let me tell you what a great bunch of women, I had an aesome time and replenished my makeup needs (Sephora), and got a great goody bag with an awesome organizer from busybodybooks.  I wish I could have met everyone there but I’m sure we’ll meet again!

By the way, thanks to for including this site on their Summer/Fall edition. They got some great stuff on NJ family things to do and schools, camps, kid-friendly places..

Thanks in Advance- Sheila

3 comments to Regular Home Page or Latest Blog Posts?

  • Cool site, love the info.

  • sara

    Sheila, I like the home page with links to various categories for people who just got the address ( and haven’t been here before.

    I get the new posts from the bottom of the left column or from the recent comments section, and that works for me. I really like the listing by county and town, it makes it easy to find something near me (or where I’m going).

    I’m also getting updates about new pages from Facebook, and I like that you post them there.

    I did check out your featured playgrounds link, and the updates link, neither of which had much on them, so maybe that’s something to change.

    Whatever you do, keep up the good work, it’s a terrific site and a wonderful resource!

  • admin

    Thanks Sara, I appreciate the note on the updates featured playgrounds, that’s something I have neglected. Love that FB is working out! Might do away with updates and just point to twitter/facebook. Going to have to do something with featured.

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