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Great Adventure’s Safari Tour, Jackson NJ

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our good friends, The Moraghans, we have a great guest post about the Safari at Great Adventure.

If you have a unique day trip please shoot me an email at – Enjoy the spring weather!!! – Sheila

With my youngest daughter Colleen recently hitting the 4ft mark, I thought

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Duke Farms, Hillsborough NJ

Editor’s Note: Wow! Thanks to Katie Groel for this wonderful farm post. This sounds like a great place to visit, and bike! Duke Farms in Hillsborough is open to the public with miles and miles of hiking and biking trails. There is no playground equipment just wide open space and beautiful scenery. Since there is

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Asbury Splash Park

This guest post is from Stacey Frielander who just visited this summer hot spot in Asbury Park, which isn’t too far from the North Jersey population (Garden State Parkway Exit 102). I love this for combining a beach day with some splash fun! Also on the next street is a mini-golf course, for more details

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