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Woodland Park, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Update: Here are the latest pictures of Woodland Park in Hasbrouck Heights! Special Thanks to my friends Kristy and Anthony for taking pictures with their adorable son, Nicolas! Love you guys, hope you had fun, it was a great day for park hopping!

ADDRESS: 2 Cleveland Ave, in

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Elo Pete- not a playground

Just edited the home page thanks to one of my most talented friends from BEAUTIFUL HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, Pete Gallo. Pete started his own business in 2005 in home video production (Envision Video) and I was lucky enough to see him grow his business from the beginning. I’ve known Pete since 1986, and he’s one of

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Depken Field, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Update 9/9/2015: Wow, I just joined the I Grew up in Hasbrouck Heights Facebook Page. Holy memories Batman! If you grew up here, you should join us. Great way to see a little history of our town. Tons of reminiscing. I even found the guy that owned our old house on Jefferson! Here are

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