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Grove Playground South Orange

Editors Note: I love twitter. Our friend Georgette from Barista Kids tweeted about the video we linked below which featured a playground in it. She then connected me with Sandy Rustin, creator and director for “Rated P for Parenthood” so that I can find out where this funny video was filmed. Link to our

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Cameron Field- Mead Street, South Orange, NJ

Cameron Field is located right across The Baird in South Orange (5 Mead Street).

We parked right by the tennis courts and walked across the soccer field to get to the playground set in the back.

This playground is a bit aged, but it was a fun one to visit with its many ramps, climbing

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Farrell Field, South Orange, NJ

298 Walton Avenue, South Orange, NJ. Very close to Maplewood border.Â

Small nice shady park, and red tubes give kids plenty of opportunity to crawl through them. A few spaces for parking and it was pretty quiet when we went. Less popular than Memorial Park in Maplewood, also targeted for littler kids though you

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