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Summer Movies and Concerts in the Park 2012- Somerset County Edition

Thanks to Jessica for sharing the dates for this special summer movie series! Just like last year, we are posting a series of movies in the park for various places, and are including Somerset County’s unique Drive-In movies in Duke Island Park! There is alot going on this summer, you can check out their calendar

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Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, NJ

Sara has sent me some great finds, and I’m still catching up 🙂 Here’s another great park from her in Bridgewater, check out all our Bridgewater parks, we have a ton thanks to Sara.

Duke Island Park, on Park Drive off Old York Rd. at the southern edge of Bradley Gardens, Bridgewater Twp.,

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Eisenhower School, Bridgewater NJ

Guest post by Sara Rall!

Eisenhower School is located on 791 Eisenhower Avenue in Bridgewater (Somerset Co.). It is another of Bridgewater’s spectacular school playgrounds.

This one is a beautiful and unusual wooden playground, with a gazebo connected by a ramp to the main play structure. There are many slides, interesting

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North Branch Park, Bridgewater

Guest Post by Sara Rall!

(I’ve been tardy with getting all of Sara’s great posts online, this one is truly a gem, I love the hand-cranked feature here, makes it pretty special! Also what a great place to launch some rockets!)

North Branch Park is located on 355 Milltown Rd., Bradley Gardens,

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Crim School, Bridgewater, NJ

Sara Rall Guest Post-

Crim School playground, 1300 Crim Rd., Bridgewater (Somerset Co.) is another of Bridgewater Township’s incredible collection of school playgrounds. The main climbing structure has slides, bridges, tubes, poles, climbing walls, a net bridge, mushroom caps, spiral pole, parallel inclined poles, log roller, zip line, even more.


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Thomae Park, Bridgewater, NJ

Update 1/2/2012- Recently through our comments sections we found that David Dein posted a video review, do you agree with David? I like his style, and hope to see more from him, here’s his fan club too: David A. Dein Fan Club. Check it out, and add your comments too! Guest

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Hillside School, Bridgewater, NJ- for older kids

By Sara Rall- Hillside School, 844, Brown Ave., Bridgewater is yet another wonderful Bridgewater school playground. My kids’ favorite part is the slide on the way to the playground.

There are actually two playgrounds here, separated by a sports field. The older, wooden one is aimed at older children and can

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Harry Ally Park, Bridgewater, NJ

Grand Blvd. (at north end, off East Main St.), Bridgewater, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall:

To get to the park you walk across Betty’s Bridge and past a preserved wetlands. It’s a fairly small, shady park with a play structure for older kids and one for younger ones, though none of the equipment is

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Adamsville School, Bridgewater NJ

Another Guest Post by Sara Rall!

Adamsville School, 400 Union Ave. (Route 28) in Bridgewater (Somerset Co.)

Has a terrific playground for older children with a large climbing structure, monkey bars, swings, a tire swing, balance beams that wobble when you walk on them, a stand-up bouncing item, and other unusual, interesting equipment, all

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Kidstreet, Bridgewater, NJ

UPDATE- ***10/11/2014*** Kompan updated the playground!!! From Christian:”I just completed a modern upgrade for Kidstreet playground in Bridgewater, NJ. They wanted to revitalize an under-used area of the playground, help modernize the playground with challenging spinning and climbing activities. We installed a Kompan Spinner Bowl & a modern 2-5 yrs age group climbling/sliding play

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