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Mindowaskin Park Westfield, NJ

N. Euclid Avenue, Westfield, NJ located close to town center. I would definitely go to Mindowaskin Park for meeting with friends, downtown Westfield is perfect for strolling and getting a bite to eat. There’s a great little toy store in the area, Thinka dinka right on Broad Street. Beautiful playground nearby a brook, kept very

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Henshaw & Tooker Pl., Springfield, NJ

Henshaw & Tooker Pl.,

Note: This post may need some updating, I haven’t checked it out myself, but Springfield has recently updated some of their parks.

Springfield NJ is a wonderful town, with many little playgrounds.

This little one is a small weathered playground, with basketball courts and tennis courts.

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Irwin Park, Springfield, NJ

Update 6.2.2012:

This playground was recently redone or relocated. It is used mostly when there is a baseball game going on. Unfortunately they took out the little plane. I will need to revisit to post what has changed. Tennis courts and ball field is still there. Pretty quiet street to bike ride around.

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