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Wilson Park, Summit, NJ

14 Beekman Terrace, Summit, NJ-

Link to Park

Talk about fun exploring, my kids really enjoyed this park. Great little park for younger kids, at first when I visited, I didn’t see that there was a playground (with rubber surface) that actually belongs to the school (open after 3pm to the public)

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Mabie Playground, Summit, NJ

Update: No more bocce here, they have replaced the bocce court with swing sets. Hope the gentlemen found a new place to play! Summit Ave. and Broad Street, Summit NJ.

What a nice group of gentlemen I met today playing bocce. Lovely and popular playground, with some fencing to prevent the kids running

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Memorial Field, Summit, NJ

Tulip St. and Ashland Avenue, Summit, NJ (around that area, you can’t miss it, but have to do a little circling to find this shady playground).

Talked to a nice lady there who likes this playground very much, because of the shade, and the children enjoy it. Conveniently, there are bathrooms right next

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