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Getting traffic, but comments, not so much…

I’m a horrible blogger, playground picture taking w/ short description, ok… but writing consistently about me or my life, ugh! Part of it is probably maybe “I’m not good enough” thinking, something a therapist could probably go into.. Well, I’m not sure if that’s it, definitely some undecisiveness in my genes.. or is it nurture,

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Thank You

Thank you. We will contact you if we have any questions. Once your listing is ready to go live, we will forward you a link to review before it is published. If you have any questions before then, please contact Amy Lamperti at 201-572-1554 or We look forward to working with you!

Louis CK at Count Basie, Hilarious!

Louis CK killed at Count Basie Theater. I was lucky enough to go with my husband and friends last night. God, I’m awful at writing. If you are over 18, I’d highly recommend seeing his show. Here’s his website:

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Something inspiring to share with you

Just reaching my 34 week pregnancy mark, I have recently experienced some detours in good health, and it has distracted me from giving 100%. The TV has been on, the computer game time has increased, and the meals could be better. I’m almost over these ailments and have given up trying to go back to

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Carnival Calendar

Hi readers and facebook fans,

Share with us your community carnivals and festivals here. When approved they will be in our Upcoming Events Section.


Sheila and Amy Carnival/Community Event Submission Form Please share your information with us and we will post it on our calendar. Your Name*Email* Title of EventStart Date End Date DescriptionInclude a description of the event including the HOURS for the event for each day, if possible. Location of EventLink to Website for more details

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Mom Cafes

When I was pregnant with my first son I would watch all those baby shows on cable, A Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, Special Delivery, the one that took place in Toronto, I forget the name. Then there was one show (can’t remember the name) that had moms get together in a cafe that was

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Unscheduled Play

A Dad of two boys writes in from Bergen County about “whatever happened to the days of unstructured play, where there we didn’t have playdates” He then asks “What towns would you say have a good selection of nice houses around a main town playground (that would also include ballfields) within walking distance?” Even better

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