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Sprinkler Park, Union City, NJ

The picture above is from street view, google maps. 33rd Street and New York Avenue, Union City, NJ. thanks to hobokenmetromom for this recommendation. I wish I could visit these personally, but with a 3 month old and working I haven’t had a chance, so I’m having to rely on

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Crystal Springs Aquatic Center, East Brunswick, NJ

Dunham’s Corner Road at Church Lane, East Brunswick, NJ. Update: We finally visited Crystal Springs Aquatic Center and it is amazing. Although it is not like a Sesame Place or a Great Adventure, it is the place to go if you want to enjoy just the waterpark attractions and not have to deal

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Madison Street Park, Hoboken, NJ

3rd St. and Madison St., Hoboken, NJ.Â

Looking for a place to cool off in Hoboken?Â

Madison Street Park was completed in 2007 and is a great place to let you kids enjoy the water.Â

Recommended by other moms in Hoboken, we haven’t ventured there yet. But you can get the lowdown

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Kids’ Castle, Doylestown, PA

Update: We made the trip here on September 2011. Here are some of our pictures!

What a Castle

425 Wells Road, Doylestown, PA. Guest-post alert! wow, amazing! A BIG Thank you to Annie, a close friend of our family and proud grandmother! I look forward to

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Wilson Park, Summit, NJ

14 Beekman Terrace, Summit, NJ-

Link to Park

Talk about fun exploring, my kids really enjoyed this park. Great little park for younger kids, at first when I visited, I didn’t see that there was a playground (with rubber surface) that actually belongs to the school (open after 3pm to the public)

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Thomas S. Markowski Jr. Playground Park, Margate

Address to be coming soon!Â

Thanks to @JGadFly for this sneak peek of a brand new playground that was part of funding for improvements in Margate!Â

Wow, it is looking great!Â

We’ll update this post as we get more information, not much on google right now. Also you just can’t resist a

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Allaire State Park, Wall

*2012-November- Update*

*Hi there, I just wanted to highlight that this Sunday, November 18, 2012, Allaire Village is having their 1836 Thanksgiving. I enjoyed visiting Allaire Village with my gang admiring the villagers in their 1800’s outfits also enjoying a good old fashioned blacksmith demonstration. The actors always put on a good show, check out

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Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor Water Park, West Berlin

535 N. Route 73 West Berlin, NJ 08091

EDIT: Originally we posted only mommypoppins review on Sahara Sams, but we finally visited and enjoyed it. My five year old did not want to leave! My four year old hates the water so we spent some time in the arcade, this multiple children with their

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Hate wood chips?


Have you ever searched “park with no woodchips”?

How often do you hear your sandal wearer complain about having to take their footwear off to remove them?

Are you a germaphobe?

Most of the NJ Playgrounds we have visited have wood chips for ground cover, but for Father’s Day here’s a special gift,

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Coney Island (beach), Brooklyn, NY

Surf Avenue and West 8th St. Brooklyn, NY. (NY Aquarium address, as of 6/2009 parking was $25 which included the price of an adult admission). We went to Coney Island specifically to see NY Aquarium and by chance we found a playground right on the beach, I must be doing that “Secret” thing Oprah keeps

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Bob Meyer Park, Fort Medford

Update: Found a great review with pictures on this park from Family Penny Pincher, check out their site for more parks in the Central NJ area too!!

I just got this from twitter from @letkidsplay Wow, so happy that mothers of Medford are on their way to getting to the end of their visualized

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Morris-Union Jointure Playground, New Providence, NJ

340 Central Avenue, New Providence NJ.

Only open to public after 6pm on weekdays, and all-day on weekends.

Got this great find for children with special needs through the Kid’s Guide publication for NJ.

This is adjacent to the Developmental Learning Center (DLC), of New Providence which is administered by the

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Liberty State Park, Jersey City

Exit 14 B on the turnpike. Continue to follow the directions on Liberty State Park

It was a very cloudy day, and a bit wet since we had rain just before.

Busy huge park, with lots of playground set apart from the Hudson River Walkway. There is a path that connects them though, but

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Regular Home Page or Latest Blog Posts?


So being a mostly playground guide/blogger, I need feedback, I’m going through this website and don’t know whether to make it go to just my home page

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Hopatcong State Park, Landing

1 Lakeside Blvd, Landing, NJ. What a great NJ Park! Very expansive, and on the southern tip of Lake Hopatcong is a great beach where you can bathe and relax, and there are also 2 playground in the area, plus plenty of shady places to grill (some are very steep though) Well unfortunately my

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Flat Rock Nature Center, Englewood

443 Van Nostrand Avenue, Englewood, NJ.

What a great find!!! This is a guest post from hobokenmetromom:

“A bit different from the usual stuff. Â The spider web thing is chains covered in rubber and the kids spent ages just climbing on it. Â The chains are loose so if you step on one

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