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Warren Twp. Municipal Playground, Warren *guest post*

By Sara Rall:

Warren Township’s playground is at the south end of Bardy Rd., off Mountain Blvd., Warren (Somerset Co.). Follow Bardy Rd. around in a big circle to get to the parking lot.

They have a large pavilion with a bathroom that is sometimes unlocked, a climbing structure for young children and two

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Maplewood Parks

Too many parks, too little time.Â

Being a mom managing a “for fun and sharing site” with 3 kids, you don’t get to cover as much physical ground and often seek out help through other people and google searches. Local news, local message boards and local groups are all tremendous resources for finding what

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Adamsville School, Bridgewater NJ

Another Guest Post by Sara Rall!

Adamsville School, 400 Union Ave. (Route 28) in Bridgewater (Somerset Co.)

Has a terrific playground for older children with a large climbing structure, monkey bars, swings, a tire swing, balance beams that wobble when you walk on them, a stand-up bouncing item, and other unusual, interesting equipment, all

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Jakes Branch County Park, Beachwood *guest post*

 1100 Double Trouble Road in Beachwood, NJ. Jakes Branch County Park is very new. They have trails, tennis and basketball courts (never crowded) soccer and baseball fields. The playgrounds are brand new and very safe. 1 for kids 2 to 5 yrs. Another for kids 5 to 12 yrs. Also swings and some other

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Flemington Parks- Shop, Northlandz, Trains & Playground

Editor Note- Another Great Guest post by Sara Rall and our 2nd Hunterdon County playground!!! As we find some of these smaller parks, we are thinking of creating a group page for them, as well as including some other cool links to visit combined with getting out there. This is our first post (grouping), and

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Top of the World, Green Brook *guest post*

Thanks Sara R. again for getting us great pictures and a thorough report on these Central Jersey playgrounds! here’s another one by Sara R.

Intersection of Top of the World Way and Green Valley Dr., Green Brook (Somerset Co.) is a fairly small, very shady park with two tall, fast slides my older children

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Land of Make Believe, Hope, NJ *guest post*

This guest post about Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove (and our first Amusement Park entry) has convinced me I have to go. I absolutely know for certain now that my kids will love it!!! Thanks to my extremely brilliant friend and mother Sue M. for taking the time to get great pictures and

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Being Geeky, Sharing and Wine Guy

Can you guess where I upgraded either a theme or upgraded wordpress? Yeah, it’s in my footer.php and I always forget to add it back in, twice… Thanks to @doublelattemama she told me there’s a plugin, I’ll have to look into it, because clearly I can’t rely on my aging brain cells.

I was

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Gillette School, Gillette

Guest Post from Sara R.:

Gillette School, 759 Valley Rd., Gillette (Long Hill Twp., Morris County) is my favorite school playground. They have a separate, fenced area for young children with a nice climber and a neat obstacle course painted on the blacktop.

Right across the driveway from this is the main playground with a

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Veterans Park Sprayground and Playground, Monroe Twp., NJ

UPDATE (2010) This changed a bit last year, (from residents only to non-residents) so far we do have word that it is opened to the public, although today (6/29/2010) this is the case, I’d call to doublecheck w/Â Monroe Recreation (732-723-5000) when you decide to visit..

UPDATE (2009): Just got an email from Monroe

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Field of Dreams, Annandale, NJ

Field of Dreams is located on 314 Old Allerton Road, Annandale, NJ (at the Immaculate Conception Church and School). Make sure you drive up to the church and make a left to see this huge but hidden playground. This is a great pit stop for those traveling through Jersey, especially if you are going

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Johnson Park, Piscataway, NJ

River Rd. and Rose Dr., Piscataway, NJ. Welcome back to Middlesex County! Great spacious parks, and animals to see. The main attraction for kids at Johnson Park is feeding the animals (ducks, goats, etc.). There is a concession stand for both people and animals, make sure you save enough animal feed for the end

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Columbia Park, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hamilton Ave, Berkeley Heights, NJ. (near Plainfield Ave. intersection)

Thanks Rachel for this recommendation, my oldest had a great time especially with the monkey bars which still make me nervous!Â

Some of the mothers that were there said they were appreciative of some of the newer equipment but they skimped out on

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Vermeule Park, North Plainfield – now with pics

Greenbrook Rd and Clinton Ave. North Plainfield, NJ. (behind Vermeule house) Update: Thanks Sara for these great pictures. This playground is recommended by Robin and has a playground camp in the summer months for residents.  If you have more photos to share for any other playgrounds on our site or descriptions, feel free to

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Playground & Sprinkler Park, Garfield, NJ (Jewell St. Playground)

Playground Guide Description: ADDRESS: Jewell St & Lanza Ave DIRECTIONS: US-46 W via exit 157 toward Rt 20/Garfield. Take the CR-507 ramp towards the Garden State Parkway N/Garfield/Ridgewood. Turn left onto River Rd for approximately .7 miles and make a left onto Lanza Ave. Turn left onto Jewell St. DESCRIPTION: A nice playground with

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Holmdel Park- Hilltop Playground and Longstreet Farm, Holmdel

Update: (10/6/2013) Hi folks, it’s Sheila, and we just got back from Holmdel’s Hilltop Playground, with the kids (ages 4,7 and 8) and their friends (ages 3 and 9). Â Fun time! Â I’m adding a few more photos:

Panoramic view


Ahhhh, fall foliage

44 Longstreet Road,

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Donaldson Park, Highland Park, NJ

UPDATE 8/5/09- Thanks for the pictures, Jeremy from Edison. Looks great!  Check out gallery below.Â

Second Avenue, Highland Park, NJ. I started a new acronym for my site (NVNF) meaning “not visited needs feedback”.  Think it’s working :) :

From Jeremy: “There are two playgrounds. The park is huge, and this playground

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Adventures in Atahualpa- WordPress Post

I love sharing information and spreading the word about good stuff, not just playgrounds. When you get an idea in your head it can be so difficult to make the right choices on where to go next, I don’t think you can do anything perfectly on your own, it takes different perspectives, and “specialists” to

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What obvious NJ fave playground are we missing?

One of our faves- Watchung Reservation

Want to add a park?Â

Check out our latest promotion from Imagine That!!! Become a roving reporter to cover your favorite park and earn free admission!

Or, if you just want to share your favorite place with other readers, comment below! Are we missing your favorite playground?Â

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Fairmount Playground, Hackensack, NJ

105 Grand Avenue, Hackensack, NJ at the Fairmount School. So I’ve been on this quest to find some great ADA accessible playgrounds and was so lucky to find this one. I think the most fulfilling playgrounds are the ones that people’s heart and soul are committed to a cause and make things happen. That story

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Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ

Thompson Park is located on Perrineville Road, in Jamesburg, NJ.

I visited Monroe with my parents when they contemplated living in an adult community. They seem to contemplate things alot. Anyway, on with the review!

The big attraction here is feeding the deer and ducks while being shielded from teeth/beaks/bills by a fence. Much safer

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Pier 51 (NYC) by Hoboken metro mom (link post)

Horatio St. and West 12th St., New York, NY. Check out link below for review and directions! Thanks to hoboken metro mom once again, I’m having trouble locating new public spraygrounds in NJ, and some of the closest options are in NYC. This water play area looks great! We’ll be taking a trip eventually!


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Gambling and Teens? (it’s for science mom!)

Ok, this is completely unrelated to my blog, but I have a dear friend who is John Jay College working her butt off and needs help from the procreating network! So if you have a young boy who is 14yr-16yrs of age, maybe they’ll like to make $40 and you feel like a trip to

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Pier 84, by Hoboken Metro Mom (link)

43rd Street and 12th Avenue, New York, NY.

Hoboken metro mom has this great review on Pier 84. I can’t wait to visit, but had to include it as one sprayground for NJ moms/dads to visit. Check her site out regularly for her Real Mom Reviews

Any other good photos or links to share about

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Happy 4th of July! – Fireworks at the Park in NJ


I’m definitely lazy, or what do you call, don’t want to reinvent the wheel that would be a MEGA PAIN (and a tad silly). I’m just another parent who likes to find stuff to do… so instead of rewriting posts about Fireworks in the Park, I’ll share with you some of the best links

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Kidstreet, Bridgewater, NJ

UPDATE- ***10/11/2014*** Kompan updated the playground!!! From Christian:”I just completed a modern upgrade for Kidstreet playground in Bridgewater, NJ. They wanted to revitalize an under-used area of the playground, help modernize the playground with challenging spinning and climbing activities. We installed a Kompan Spinner Bowl & a modern 2-5 yrs age group climbling/sliding play

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Tamaques Park, Westfield, NJ

1515 Lamberts Mill Road, Westfield, NJ. Hello Union County, my shady friend, I always come back to you. So I had visited this friend with a long-time college buddy and her 2 lovely girls. I think I told her about how much I loved the shade in this park about 5 times. 2 playgrounds, one

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