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Haworth Memorial Park (aka Castle Park), Haworth, NJ. Bergen County

Shady Haworth Memorial Park

Thanks Elizabeth L. for sending us this description and great photos!:

“Entrance to Park at corner of Whitman St. and Hoover Way (off Madison Avenue), Haworth, NJ

Great wooden castle playground. Huge. Areas for older and younger kids. Minimal entrances/exits. TONS of shade. Swings, slides, etc.

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Is your favorite NJ indoor play area missing on our list?

It probably is. We just started to focus on some rainy day destinations and want to improve what we have on our site. We already have an Indoor Playgrounds section but would like to beef it up.

Here is a list of some of our favorites and a map to go with it. We

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Teardrop Park, Battery Park, NYC

Between Warren Street and Murray Street, east of River Terrace, Battery Park, New York City, NY.

Teardrop Park  is one of the great parks in Battery Park City. We had visited it the same day as Rockefeller Park . My oldest had a great time in the sprinkler area and the mega-slide.  Be

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Hillsborough Municipal Playground

A Sara Rall guest post:

Hillsborough Municipal Playground at the west end of the municipal complex at South Branch Rd. and Beekman La., Hillsborough, Somerset Co.

For the official Hillsborough Parks Website, check out this link Hillsborough has a wonderful, big, shady wooden castle playground right next to the town hall. There are slides, bridges,

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Cherry Hill Playgrounds- Bumper Sticker Offer

Haven’t got some personal posts for this one yet, but we’ll be working on it. For now, check out a great resource,! This link will bring you to the playgrounds in the Cherry Hill area.

Are you tired of checking this site to see your county not represented? Do you know a favorite

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Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, Manhattan, NYC

North end of Battery Park City, west of River Terrace, New York, NY. Battery Park has an awesome parks system, with sprinkler parks, playgrounds galore. I’m focusing on a couple of their parks that we visited this August.

Logistics- Parking, Ferries, Path, oh my! This has been my

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Grove St. Park, Chester, NJ

Sara Rall guest post: Grove St. Playground in Chester is an excellent, fairly large, shady playground a few blocks south of Main St. They have a large climbing structure for older kids with two climbing walls. There are giant boulders to climb, too.

For younger children there is a large structure with several slides, gears,

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Harry Ally Park, Bridgewater, NJ

Grand Blvd. (at north end, off East Main St.), Bridgewater, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall:

To get to the park you walk across Betty’s Bridge and past a preserved wetlands. It’s a fairly small, shady park with a play structure for older kids and one for younger ones, though none of the equipment is

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Wood Park, Leonia, NJ (and Pony Camp)

Intersection of Broad and Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ. Parking is in the back of the Leonia Library (227 Fort Lee Road), you’ll see a big sign for Wood Park. Other than the park, you can play tennis, basketball, and there are picnic tables close to the big section. I didn’t talk to anyone to

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Harry Dunham Park, Bernards Twp., NJ

Corner of Liberty Corner Rd./Church St. and Somerville Rd. in Liberty Corner, Bernards Twp., Somerset Co.

Guest Post by Sara Rall: Huge, new, sunny playground on the top of a hill. There is a large structure for little children with several slides, bridges, tubes and gadgets.

There’s a large bouncy dinosaur and some bouncing vehicles,

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Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA

34th Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. *guest post*

There are some great attractions at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Great exhibits, all kinds of animals including very cool carnivores, including lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, and others. Primates, penguins and a bunch more, check out their animal index to see if they cover some of your favorites.Â

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Memorial Park, Maplewood, NJ

Valley Street between Oakland Road & Oakland Avenue, Maplewood, NJ. (Playground really closer to Oakland Avenue though)

Logistics: Although it is right by the train station, there is no accessibility for the disabled. Right across from the Firehouse. Sign on nearby building says No Public Restrooms, but I hear there is a pizza place across

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Farrell Field, South Orange, NJ

298 Walton Avenue, South Orange, NJ. Very close to Maplewood border.Â

Small nice shady park, and red tubes give kids plenty of opportunity to crawl through them. A few spaces for parking and it was pretty quiet when we went. Less popular than Memorial Park in Maplewood, also targeted for littler kids though you

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NJ Children’s Museum, Paramus *not free*

CLOSED FOREVER!!! NJ Childrens Museum last day was September 1, 2014. They were renting the building, and the building got sold to Valley Hospital. So sad!! Thanks to NJCM for all the fun times! We will leave this post up for historical reference.

For other indoor places to play, visit our indoor page


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Chimney Rock Park, Martinsville

Chimney Rock Rd., 3 blocks south of Washington Valley Rd., Martinsville, Somerset Co.

Admin Note: More from Sara Rall, thanks for the great pictures, and recommendations on the food establishments in the area. I just saw the site for Gabriel’s Fountain and we will stop by next time we are in the

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Billian Legion Park, Bound Brook

561 East High St., Bound Brook (Somerset Co.)

Another Post by Sara Rall, if I had a payroll she’d be on it! Found a link to the Crusaders website whose home is Billian Legion Park, they have some nice photos also of the ballfield as well.Â

A large, wood-and-tire playground with two big

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Woods Community Park, East Windsor, NJ

Tot Play Area

Woods Road, East Windsor, NJ

Vinny Burzi shares some more great pictures, this time from East Windsor. They have a great Youth Directory online to check out more activities for kids. From Vinny:

Woods Road Community Park is located at Woods Road just south of Wendover Road in East Windsor NJ

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Sunset Park, Harvey Cedars, LBI, NJ

Holly Ave. and W. Salem Avenue, Harvey Cedars, NJ

See harvey cedars site and map. Â

Thanks C&S, master of the photoshop, for sharing your pictures of Sunset park in LBI! LBI is alot of fun in the summer with kids, and here is something to do for free! Great pirate ship and view

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NJ Water Parks Price Summary

Hurricane Harbor Photo by Leora (

Update 8/26/2009-Â Take a look at some great reviews of waterparks to look at after you see pricing spreadsheet below, pricing isn’t everything and these mom blog posts, may help you make the decision:

Sesame Place– A link to a review posted by a Mom in Philly,

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