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Swimming with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando FL

Editor’s Note: Hi guys! So just like going on vacation to spice up our life in NJ, we like to spice up this blog a bit using the experiences of New Jerseyans visiting cool places. So my friend Ned had such a wonderful time at this attraction in Orlando, FL he shares us his story.

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Sondek Park, South Brunswick NJ

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Christina S.  for submitting this review of this fun park in South Brunswick! We are excited to have her as a representative for the Middlesex County area!  For her submission she earns 2 passes to Kidnetic in Hamilton, NJ.  If you want to earn tickets to Kidnetic, clickÂ

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World of Wings, Teaneck NJ

 Editor’s Note:  Hello!  We are honored to have a guest post from Bergen County’s MiraBest creator, Mira Park!  I’ve known Mira since we both started our respective websites and she has been a blessing to many moms over in North Jersey looking for things to do.  Make sure you keep

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Merrill Park, Woodbridge NJ

Check out this Middlesex County Park that hosts a township park for Woodbridge. It is one of the few wooden playgrounds still around in NJ and it is a great size for little and medium ones. Unfortunately when I went I was without my kids so I can’t get a firsthand review of how

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Angelo L. Tomaso School, Warren NJ

Editor’s Note: After a long winter, we have received one of our first roving reporter posts! Rachel earns 2 passes to IMAGINE THAT!!! Children’s Museum in Florham Park, NJ. She shares this park which is in Warren NJ, a town that boasts many great playgrounds, check them all out here.  If you want to

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Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland NY

Rocking Horse Ranch is located at 600 U.S. 44 Highland, NY 12528, (GPS users should use: 13 Pancake Hollow Road, Highland, NY). Last week my family and I were able to get away and visit Rocking Horse Ranch, a sprawling family resort in  Hudson Valley,  for a couple days.  It makes a

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