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The Great Divide Campground, Newton NJ

Editor’s Note:

First of all, wanted to say hi, and hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Our family has been very busy and has focused on my parents’ big move to our town. Now that things are getting settled, we are happy to focus on outdoor attractions and playgrounds again!!! Jan Hudson

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Polifly Park, Hackensack NJ

Name of Park or Playground: Polifly Park/ Hackensack Ward 9 How many stars would you give this park on a scale of 1-5? 4 Town: Hackensack (Bergen County) Street Address: Intersection of Sutton Avenue and Polifly Road Link to Google Map: (Optional),Polifly+Rd+%26+Sutton+Ave,+Hackensack,+NJ+07601&gl=us&ei=zmrwUePEJPHI4AOVuYDYCw&ved=0CC0Q8gEwAA

Description: Polifly Park also known as Hackensack Ward 9 Park, located in

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Pine Street Park, Roselle NJ (Bud Simmons Park and Sprayground)

Hey there it is 2013, and we finally ventured to a new playground and it was lovely. Â This new park in Roselle was recently opened this summer and boasts a sprinkler area where the kids can cool off. Â Thanks to our friends at MRC and Gametime they clued us in on this gem!

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