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Tagalongs, Lake Hopatcong NJ

Located on 828 Route 15 South (2nd Floor) in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, Tagalongs is one of the newest indoor places in Northern NJ that is a MUST SEE. Carrie, the owner, a therapist was inspired by her friend’s son to create a safe and fun place that would benefit all kids, including ones with sensory

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How to post your event on our Calendar!

April events are free to post this month! So, here is how you post on our calendar. 1) Go to calendar page 2) Click on the green button (+post your event): 3) Fill out the info.

(*Include an image that is under 2mb to show on the calendar.)

(**You can also include the pertinent

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Kids Bowl FREE! 2016 Update

5/7/2016 Update- Toms River and Maple Shade added!! Also we added the start dates for all centers in NJ below!

It’s April 2016, and we’re getting geared up for yet another summer of Kids Bowl FREE! 2 games, per kid, every day, all summer long.

Bowling in general has turned into a great year round

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Field Station Dinosaurs move to Overpeck County Park

We have visited and enjoyed Field Station: Dinosaurs in their former Secaucus location. When Field Station Dinosaurs posted this:


It doesn’t look like much right now but this is the future site of Field Station: Dinosaurs. Anyone want to take a guess…

Posted by Field Station: Dinosaurs on Thursday, March 31, 2016


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