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Space Farms, Sussex, NJ

Space Farms is located on 218 Route 519, Sussex, NJ. 07461 . We met up with some good friends from Flanders at Space Farms for a low-key day, no rides, no lines, just see some animals and explore. This place is huge, (over 500 animals (100 species) and you’ll definitely

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Johnson Park, Piscataway, NJ

River Rd. and Rose Dr., Piscataway, NJ. Welcome back to Middlesex County! Great spacious parks, and animals to see. The main attraction for kids at Johnson Park is feeding the animals (ducks, goats, etc.). There is a concession stand for both people and animals, make sure you save enough animal feed for the end

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Holmdel Park- Hilltop Playground and Longstreet Farm, Holmdel

Update: (10/6/2013) Hi folks, it’s Sheila, and we just got back from Holmdel’s Hilltop Playground, with the kids (ages 4,7 and 8) and their friends (ages 3 and 9). Â Fun time! Â I’m adding a few more photos:

Panoramic view


Ahhhh, fall foliage

44 Longstreet Road,

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Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ

Thompson Park is located on Perrineville Road, in Jamesburg, NJ.

I visited Monroe with my parents when they contemplated living in an adult community. They seem to contemplate things alot. Anyway, on with the review!

The big attraction here is feeding the deer and ducks while being shielded from teeth/beaks/bills by a fence. Much safer

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