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Michael Lepp Park, Somerville NJ

UPDATE!!! ***NEW GUEST POST*** From Stacey Friedlander. Thanks Stacey for the latest pictures! You can see our original post below after her update:

Somerville Splash Pad- 2015

6/2015- “It’s been one year since the Somerville Spray Ground opened, and I have an update on the area!

If you’re looking for a cute way

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Polifly Park, Hackensack NJ

Name of Park or Playground: Polifly Park/ Hackensack Ward 9 How many stars would you give this park on a scale of 1-5? 4 Town: Hackensack (Bergen County) Street Address: Intersection of Sutton Avenue and Polifly Road Link to Google Map: (Optional),Polifly+Rd+%26+Sutton+Ave,+Hackensack,+NJ+07601&gl=us&ei=zmrwUePEJPHI4AOVuYDYCw&ved=0CC0Q8gEwAA

Description: Polifly Park also known as Hackensack Ward 9 Park, located in

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