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Donaldson Park, Highland Park, NJ

UPDATE 8/5/09- Thanks for the pictures, Jeremy from Edison. Looks great! Check out gallery below.

Second Avenue, Highland Park, NJ. I started a new acronym for my site (NVNF) meaning “not visited needs feedback”. Think it’s working 🙂 :

From Jeremy: “There are two playgrounds. The park is huge, and this playground was brand

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Tamaques Park, Westfield, NJ

1515 Lamberts Mill Road, Westfield, NJ. Hello Union County, my shady friend, I always come back to you. So I had visited this friend with a long-time college buddy and her 2 lovely girls. I think I told her about how much I loved the shade in this park about 5 times. 2 playgrounds, one

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Kids’ Castle, Doylestown, PA

Update: We made the trip here on September 2011. Here are some of our pictures!

What a Castle

425 Wells Road, Doylestown, PA. Guest-post alert! wow, amazing! A BIG Thank you to Annie, a close friend of our family and proud grandmother! I look forward to

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Wilson Park, Summit, NJ

14 Beekman Terrace, Summit, NJ-

Link to Park

Talk about fun exploring, my kids really enjoyed this park. Great little park for younger kids, at first when I visited, I didn’t see that there was a playground (with rubber surface) that actually belongs to the school (open after 3pm to the public)

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Memorial Park, Westfield, NJ

713 Cumberland Street, Westfield, NJ. Thanks to kids guide for the information regarding special needs: This park was built by Greg Rayn, Jr. in 2004 for his Boy Scout Eagle project.

It is wheelchair-accessible with rubber surfacing with 4 special needs swings. Not as popular as Mindowaskin Park, this quiet little park is adjacent

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Brundage Park, Randolph, NJ

Update: NO MORE MERRY GO ROUND- Just heard from Karen in Randolph, thanks for the update!!

Carrell Road, between Center Grove and Millbrook, Randolph, NJ-

This is a complete recreational facility including a skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball fields, and a 4 mile paved jogging trail. It is 232 acres and

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Lurker Field, East Hanover, NJ

Eagle Rock Avenue and Ridgedale Avenue, East Hanover, NJ. there are 2 parking lots, one on Eagle Rock I believe is closer to the playground and it is on Fifth Avenue by the Rinaldi Center, however i do not see that street published on mapquest or google maps. If you park far away, prepare for

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Gardner Field, Denville, NJ

Route 46 & Savage Road, Denville, NJ

Update: 4/7/2011- Spoke to Don Borgadus, Denville Twp. Rec, it is open again!!! 🙂 Update: 3/20/2011- Word is Gardner Field is closed due to insurance purposes, if anyone knows more about this or when they will open, please comment below!

Update 8/12/2009: Classified it as no-wood chip but

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Dodge Field, Madison, NJ

Greenwood Avenue and Chapel street, Madison NJ. What a great park, walking distance to the train station. I’m not familiar with Madison parks, but I love this playground with the central gazebo where you can keep track of the kids, mostly fenced with a rock wall, swings, slides, sandbox, and restrooms really closeby. Tennis courts

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Gero Park, Millburn, NJ

White Oak Ridge Road and Parsonage Hill Road, Millburn, NJ. Sunny park (boy, does NJ have some really hot days) surrounded by tennis courts and ballfield, and basketball court. Has a swingset off in the distance and a grill. For both pre-school and school-age. The Millburn pool is right next to the park, and i

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Memorial Field, Summit, NJ

Tulip St. and Ashland Avenue, Summit, NJ (around that area, you can’t miss it, but have to do a little circling to find this shady playground).

Talked to a nice lady there who likes this playground very much, because of the shade, and the children enjoy it. Conveniently, there are bathrooms right next

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Taylor Park, Millburn, NJ

Main St. and Taylor St., Millburn, NJ. A favorite shady park in Millburn, NJ with plenty of benches. Fenced in, and 3 main playground structures. They have a sandbox but no toys. there is a co-op nursery adjacent to the park, and a bench. Adjacent to the playground is a very nice walking area. Information

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Henshaw & Tooker Pl., Springfield, NJ

Henshaw & Tooker Pl.,

Note: This post may need some updating, I haven’t checked it out myself, but Springfield has recently updated some of their parks.

Springfield NJ is a wonderful town, with many little playgrounds.

This little one is a small weathered playground, with basketball courts and tennis courts.

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Irwin Park, Springfield, NJ

Update 6.2.2012:

This playground was recently redone or relocated. It is used mostly when there is a baseball game going on. Unfortunately they took out the little plane. I will need to revisit to post what has changed. Tennis courts and ball field is still there. Pretty quiet street to bike ride around.

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