Greenside Playground, Scotch Plains, NJ

Westfield Road and Greenside Place, Scotch Plains, NJ.

Update: Thanks to Laurie’s Roving Reporter submission she updates us with the newly renovated park! For this submission she gets passes to Asbury Park’s Splash Park! Want to earn free passes too? Click here to find out how! Here is her review:

Greenside Playground is still a

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Lurker Field, East Hanover, NJ

Eagle Rock Avenue and Ridgedale Avenue, East Hanover, NJ. there are 2 parking lots, one on Eagle Rock I believe is closer to the playground and it is on Fifth Avenue by the Rinaldi Center, however i do not see that street published on mapquest or google maps. If you park far away, prepare for

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Ralston Playground, Mendham, NJ (Ralston)

UPDATE 4/28/2014-  This park is closed temporarily! from mendham township org site: Residents are advised that due to safety issues resulting from this past winter’s severe weather, the Township has temporarily closed the Ralston playground. The issues requiring the closure are under evaluation by Township staff and the playground designer. A plan/timetable for the

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Gardner Field, Denville, NJ

Route 46 & Savage Road, Denville, NJ

Update: 4/7/2011- Spoke to Don Borgadus, Denville Twp. Rec, it is open again!!! 🙂 Update: 3/20/2011- Word is Gardner Field is closed due to insurance purposes, if anyone knows more about this or when they will open, please comment below!

Update 8/12/2009:Â Classified it as no-wood chip but

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Depken Field, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Update 9/9/2015: Wow, I just joined the I Grew up in Hasbrouck Heights Facebook Page. Holy memories Batman! If you grew up here, you should join us. Great way to see a little history of our town. Tons of reminiscing. I even found the guy that owned our old house on Jefferson! Here are

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Dodge Field, Madison, NJ

Greenwood Avenue and Chapel street, Madison NJ. What a great park, walking distance to the train station. I’m not familiar with Madison parks, but I love this playground with the central gazebo where you can keep track of the kids, mostly fenced with a rock wall, swings, slides, sandbox, and restrooms really closeby. Tennis courts

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