Trailside Nature and Science Center, Watchung Reservation, Mountainside, NJ

452 New Providence Road, Mountainside, NJ. The Trailside Nature and Science Center is a hidden gem, free to everyone, located in Watchung Reservation, Trailside is a three level nature center with a Discovery Room in the lower level (where we took most of our pictures). I highly recommend visiting, as well as picking up literature

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Ashley’s Soccer, Montclair, NJ

Update 10/3/2013: Â They have not revived this program again.. I wish they would, my boys loved this when they were little. Â 🙂


14 Depot Square, Montclair, NJ. AS OF 9/1/2009- WE HAVE NEWS! TODDLER OPEN PLAY WILL START ON NOVEMBER 3rd, click here for schedule! Thanks to a YBM mom who suggested

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Louis CK at Count Basie, Hilarious!

Louis CK killed at Count Basie Theater. I was lucky enough to go with my husband and friends last night. God, I’m awful at writing. If you are over 18, I’d highly recommend seeing his show. Here’s his website:

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Giggles Play Station, Rockaway, NJ

350 US Route 46 East, Rockaway NJ. Â

AS OF MAY 2015, GIGGLES PLAYSTATION IS CLOSED!!! This review is for historical purposes only….

Somehow my GPS didn’t do a good job finding this place, so we called for assistance. Here is their website for help in directions: Giggles Playstation- Birthday Parties Galore (It

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Something inspiring to share with you

Just reaching my 34 week pregnancy mark, I have recently experienced some detours in good health, and it has distracted me from giving 100%. The TV has been on, the computer game time has increased, and the meals could be better. I’m almost over these ailments and have given up trying to go back to

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Carnival Calendar

Hi readers and facebook fans,

Share with us your community carnivals and festivals here. When approved they will be in our Upcoming Events Section.


Sheila and Amy Carnival/Community Event Submission Form

Please share your information with us and we will post it on our calendar.

Your Name* Email* Title of Event Start Date

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End Date

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DescriptionInclude a description of the event including the HOURS for the event for each day, if possible. Location of EventLink to Website for more details

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