Dan Gutman vs. Dan Yaccarino (Part 2)

The saga continues with the feud of Dan Gutman vs Dan Yaccarino. Oh, you haven’t heard? Well you must catch up on the latest children book author rivalry. Here’s the link to our first look at these 2 beloved authors’ banter. And now we pick up where we last dropped off.

May 27, 2014- The

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Splashplex, East Hanover, NJ

Thanks to Kim, from the Funplex, for inviting us to review the new and improved Splashplex. Â We appreciated the free tickets. It was so fun, and we really enjoyed it.

The Splashplex is located in East Hanover, NJ at 182 Route 10 West. Their main phone is 973-428-1166. You’ll find them next to Bed

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