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Veterans Park Sprayground and Playground, Monroe Twp., NJ

UPDATE (2010) This changed a bit last year, (from residents only to non-residents) so far we do have word that it is opened to the public, although today (6/29/2010) this is the case, I’d call to doublecheck w/  Monroe Recreation (732-723-5000) when you decide to visit..

UPDATE (2009): Just got an email from Monroe Recreation and they have advised that Veterans Park and Sprayground is for Monroe Township residents and their guests only. Sorry everyone! I thought it was open to all, but if you are from Monroe, or are a guest it is definitely a great place to visit.

(near intersection) Avenue K and Dynasty Drive, Monroe or Jamesburg, NJ.   (my outdated GPS says Jamesburg but other sources say Monroe) Spraygrounds can be a challenge to find in NJ, but they do exist.  Lots of fun at Veterans Park.  Canopied picnic tables, rock wall, slides, and great sprinkler park.  Would highly recommend seeing this park and Thompson Park if you are traveling a distance to get here.

34 comments to Veterans Park Sprayground and Playground, Monroe Twp., NJ

  • A sprinkler park? Now, that’s nice!

  • carrie z

    If you like Monroe sprayground/playground, you’ll LOVE Dorbrook in Colts Neck. Free too! Huge, clean, new, wonderful!

  • Amanda

    Just an FYI for anyone making a trip to this park—they are doing checks of IDs, since the park is for residents only. A bummer!

  • Juliana

    A friend of mine went there yesterday, and he is the one who told me the news. I was very upset since my twins and I have been going in there for a while and never had a problem before!

  • Marsha

    I called the Monroe Township Recreation Dept today (732-723-5000) and they decided not to continue with the residents only policy. We are going to check out the spray park since it is closer to us and less busy than Colts Neck.

  • Stephanie

    I called again this year, it is open to the public, not just monroe residents

  • Heather

    Just there today and it is open to everyone.

  • melanie

    I just called them and I was told that FOR NOW, it is FREE and OPEN to non-Monroe residents but may change in the future.

  • Sophie

    We just came back from the park. It’s great but there is no shade, except under the tents where the picnic tables are. The playground is good but everything is hot, because of the lack of shade. So keep it in mind if you go there. The spray area ground can get very hot too.

  • Ruchi

    can someone please provide the address & hours for this sprayground please?


  • nicole

    We went here today. Nice clean open layout. Just right for my 5 year old, yet glad I brought a companion for my 7 year old. Highly recommeded, only drawback are porta-potties.

  • Fran

    Went today. IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, NOT JUST RESIDENTS. My 4.5 year old loved it. Very clean, lots of benches, tent covered picnic tables to eat at. Highly recommend.

  • Lindsay

    What is the actual address of this sprayground? Having a hard time finding it. Thanks!!

  • Melissa

    The park is located off of Avenue K in Monroe, just passed the Dynasty Estates. FANTASTIC park! Its very clean, and rarely crowded. There are shaded canopy areas for parents. When the kids get tired of the water, they can run over to the playground area. We spend our entire summer here!

  • TLK

    Veteran’s Park
    61 Ave. K
    Monroe Township, NJ 08831

  • Ivan

    What a great place to spend the day.Went there for first time and my 4 year old had just as much fun then going to a $60 water park. Called Rec department prior to going and its definitely not for Monroe residents only. 100% recommended.

  • Erica

    Where is this park located. Anyone have an address?

  • sally

    Are things up and running this year?? August, 2011

  • Amber

    Does anyone know how much it is to get into the park? and has everyone had to show their ID’s to get in?

  • Brooke Hilferty

    How are the bathrooms? I heard there are only porta pottys, but is there regular bathrooms in the park that are better for handicapped people? Thank you if you respond!!

  • Shaila

    Hello Everyone,
    Great news for kids!
    I called up the Monroe Recreation(732-723-5000), the lady at the information desk was kind and helpful, Veterans Park Sprayground and Playground, Monroe Twp., NJ will be open to all this Memorial Day, 2012 from 10am to dusk.
    Address as given: 61 Avenue K,
    Monroe Twp.,
    NJ 08831.
    Hope this information will be helpful to all.

  • Rosie

    I called Monroe Recreation and the sprayground is open to the public.

  • Tesha

    Thanks for the address everyone! I went last year and remembered that it was kind of out of the way (I’m from East Windsor so I am not especially familiar with the area). I am happy to hear that it is open to the public again. My soon to be 3 year old loved it last year- he is going to have a ball this year. It really is a great park- large and clean! I am grateful that we can all enjoy it now!

  • Audrey

    This park sounds awesome. Do you think an 18 mo old can enjoy it?

  • Theresa

    Yes, it perfect for small children! My 13 month old loves it and it is very safe!

  • Mark

    I must say this park is wonderful!! I am so glad it is open to the public, my 4 y/o daughter loves it!! I live in Brooklyn, NY & I bring her there at least 2-3 times a summer. Very safe & clean. I just hope it stays a secret,SHHHHHH! When we went last year there was only around 10-15 kids there!! Nice playground with plastic slides & swings, a big area with picnic tables & clean port-o-pottys too!

  • admin

    ha ha, yes, I love spotlighting great places, but then people get mad at me for the crowds 🙂 hope you have a wonderful summer! Hopefully there are some more nearby places so that the love can be spread! And since you are coming from NY, make sure you check out the crystal springs aquatic center in East brunswick too, great secret, that you have to pay for, but sooooo much less crowded than a sesame place..

  • Hi! Just want to let you know so you can update the top. This park has been open to the public for at least the past two summers, since we’ve been going there. It is an hour drive from our house in Morris County, but just 1 mile away from my aunt’s house, so it’s a wonderful day trip. Besides the wonderful spray park (our four little kids love it – including our 12-month crawler!), there is also a “baby care room” porta-potty – super convenient! And the two attached playgrounds are super challenging with lots of entertaining obstacles…it has to be pretty exciting to take the kids away from the spray park! The only negative is the spray park is FULL SUN and you are no longer allowed to bring in chairs (although a lot of parents still do). So your only option is to sit on a hot towel. And as of yesterday, the overhead buckets that dump down water (a GREAT feature) were not working. Otherwise, definitely worth the drive!

  • Walter

    What is the actual address so I can find. I’ve been there 2 years ago but have no clue how to get there again.

  • concerned

    place is no longer good. no place to park. over crowded and cannot set chairs up inside the spray area. no bathroom … cannot set up for any parties no food allowed and its becoming dirty. nice how some can shit up a nice place in a matter of few years…. loads of mini vans from different places coming in….

  • Grace

    perhPs it should be only open to Monroe residents. Once you open it to outsiders, it gets overcrowed and messed up.

  • Grace

    perhaps it should be only open to Monroe residents. Once you open it to outsiders, it gets overcrowded and messed up.

  • Interesting

    Well I live very close to the Spray Park On AVE K. I can tell you yes at times it is crowded since people are travelling all over to visit. IT is very clean as I walk my dog through the trail there. It was messy after many people would host Birthday parties for their children. You would find pizza boxes and cups all over. Today there are signs posted NO PARTIES. This should help clean this clean. Yes people seem to travel far to this park which I find odd since there must be others closer but I guess they like the smaller park fee. It is a small spray park good for young children. If you have an older child a pool or larger park would probably be better. There is a larger park in Spring Lake in East Brunswick. Most have you have only since Phase 1 Of the Veterans spray park which also includes 2 jungle gyms outdoors. One for younger children & one for older children. There are porta potties correct. Later there will be a Refreshment area and bathrooms installed. Phase 2 has just started June 2015- this will include another parking area not near spray park and ball fields .& re-doing trails Currently the space is very limited due to temporary fencing placed while construction is going on. Currently trees are being cleared so it is a little noisy. Also as of yesterday 6/10 the spray park was temporary closed due to maintenance. I was sorry to see that since people wait all year for this to open. Hopefully it will be up and running quickly. The other area is opened but limited to playground and tents. No volleyball set up with the fencing for construction.
    Hope this information is helpful.

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