Valley Street between Oakland Road & Oakland Avenue, Maplewood, NJ. (Playground really closer to Oakland Avenue though)

Logistics: Although it is right by the train station, there is no accessibility for the disabled. Right across from the Firehouse. Sign on nearby building says No Public Restrooms, but I hear there is a pizza place across the street you can go to.

Parking: Since train is nearby, it’s a little tricky also you can’t park on Valley, but i did find that Dunnell Rd. is pretty empty in the afternoon (Jefferson Avenue Block). If you decide to park in Maplewood Village you can also walk to the park.

One of the spinniest playgrounds we have visited, has 2 playground sets, one for pre-school, and the other for school-age kids. Lots of climbing, and spinning, which was a big hit with my oldest. I failed to take a picture of the group of flat spinny seats, (took one below with my son). When we went there were lots of big kids there. Great place for walkers/joggers, if you continue to venture. Also if you get to the other side on the corner of Valley and Oakview? there are some swing sets apart from this playground. I look forward to returning especially since it is so close to Maplewood Village.

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