Kids’ Castle, Doylestown, PA

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Update: We made the trip here on September 2011. Here are some of our pictures!

Doylestown Playground Kids Castle

What a Castle








doylestown2425 Wells Road, Doylestown, PA. Guest-post alert! wow, amazing! A BIG Thank you to Annie, a close friend of our family and proud grandmother! I look forward to visiting this park soon! I can’t beat the description straight from their website (

“Adjacent to the Township Building on Wells Road. A one hundred and eight (108) acres family-oriented park providing for a multitude of active and passive recreational opportunities.

Amenities of the Park are: 5 Tennis Courts with coin operated lighting, 2 Basketball Courts with coin operated lighting, 1 Volleyball Court, 1 Tot Lot Play area, 3 Soccer Fields, A1 Golf Link (135-150yards), 1 Picnic Pavilion (reservations are made through Doylestown Township Administration), 1 Amphitheater, 1.5 Miles Biking/Hiking/Jogging Trails, Kids’ Castle and a 21 station Health Check donated by Doylestown Hospital.

Photo of Kids’ CastleKids’ Castle is an eight (8) story wooden playground structure designed & named by children of Doylestown Township through an art contest in 1996. On February 5, 1997, Kids’ Castle Committee, Township staff, residents and children of the community met with architect Bob Leathers of Leathers Associates, Ithaca, New York to work on refining the initial playground design.”

A great link for this park and for more pictures is Maria Neels’ article check it out!


  1. bob

    hey me and my kids susie q and small fry love kids castle we wood like to no if itis ope n

  2. michelle

    This is truly an awesome park. The castle is just amazing and adults can go inside too!! The only thing downside to this park is that you really need to be careful about your kiddos with cleaning them thoroughly after playing – the wood is treated with arsenic.

  3. Lola

    yo this looks so funnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gary salemi

    The wood is not treated with arsenic as the jack-ass Michelle stated on April 17th. Michelle is obviousely an un educated conspiratorialist, who craves attention and cant grow up mentally even though she is not mentally disabled. The wood is treated with copper, wich is actually benificial to humans and is in food and in multivitamins such as Flintstones. Kids castle is a wonderfull place,even though “Michelle” cant get over the fact that she is too old to play on it and has hang ups and who is enviouse of children enjoying it.Grow up and Get a life Michelle!

  5. DAISY

    SHEESH Gary Salemi!! you seem a bit angry! She did say it was an awesome park maybe you need to grow up.

  6. Ryan

    Is this park open?

  7. nicole

    Is the park open?

  8. ashley

    does this park hAVE MONKEY PARKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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