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Advertising Options for October/November:

Birthday Party Sponsors- 
Are you a family friendly playplace or business that specializes in birthday parties?  We have a special offer for basic listings & Featured ones that will be launched Nov 1st- Contact Sheila for more information

Now Featuring “Realtor Spotlight” Sponsored Town Articles- “Should I move to Town XYZ?”
Are you a realtor who knows the ins and outs of a town and can provide a comprehensive article and unique photos/videos (your own not borrowed) of town that is tuned to parents?  Must be SUPER valuable for us to host that is giving more than what people can google, see this example in Millburn for the style we are looking for. We will proofread and edit your copy if needed.  You may include your bio and call to action for your realty business.

You can now host your article on our site for $125/town.

All articles will be linked to our Family Friendly Towns in NJ Page. (to be launched in near future) Articles guaranteed to be live linked to main page for minimum of 6 months.  We will refresh as needed and requested after 6 months. Contact Sheila for more information

We appreciate the local businesses that help turn our passion for play into a viable business. We are also proud to be able to offer them a great audience of parents who love to get out and explore and keep their kids entertained!

For banner ads, we currently are running google ads only as we update the site and re-engage our social media channels in 2023. Since our hiatus of several years we are nowhere near to our heyday, (during 2022, we had +30k new users overall) but are confident we will grow as we update and engage with our community.

Our sponsorship opportunities are limited and exclusive. We work with businesses we would recommend to friends.

We also have kept a large network of fans and followers (more than 7,000 and growing) on our social media channels. Currently we have 80% organic traffic (google search)

Please contact  Sheila Sayah at sheila@njplaygrounds.com if you are interested in any of the options above.