Space Farms is located on 218 Route 519,  Sussex, NJ. 07461 .
We met up with some good friends from Flanders at Space Farms for a low-key day, no rides, no lines, just see some animals and explore.  This place is huge, (over 500 animals (100 species) and you’ll definitely get some exercise, it is hilly, make sure you stay hydrated if you want to see the whole zoo.  I took hardly any pictures of the animals, oops.. (We didn’t make it all the way around, it was lots of walking with 3 kids) One of the unexpected treats was for a “playground” person to see some really old-school equipment.

There is definitely a feeling of “old” here, as you go through their vast collection of old vehicles, toys (look do not touch).  I couldn’t believe how much of a collection was here.

From their website:

The Space Farm’s Museum contains more than 50,000 artifacts, including 50 antique cars, motorcycles, farm implements, early American tools, dolls, clocks, tractors, horse drawn sleighs, and Native American artifacts. Space Farms also has the second largest privately owned collection of antique firearms in the United States.

Lots of picnic benches, I’d definitely suggest bringing a picnic lunch, but there is always the option of their little restaurant (order at counter).

Ok, so I totally forgot these girls names who work at Space Farms (at least the older ones do) , but if you check out the picture below, these girls are my heroes.  My baby girl threw her hat into the indoor water fall that was fenced in, I thought it was a lost cause, but the youngest girl with help from her big sister was daring enough to get it out.  Also they helped rescue the sippy cup that rolled under an antique Buick..  thanks girls!!! You could tell that this is a family run place, which I really liked, and if you want to know the history of the Space family check out this link on their site.