Hello NJ Playground Fans!

If you are like me, we are nearing the 100th day of school, and the kids have projects due this week. Post your pictures on our Facebook Fan Page, and we will add them here too.

I’ll share what we did for my kindergartener.  Grandma had found a huge supply of craft/popsicle sticks, and we made use of them by poking them into paper plates (one of those fondue skewers make the perfect slit for a popsicle stick).  We didn’t calculate very well, so the circle ended up looking like Pac Man, so we went with it, and made the other 50 sticks into ghosts.

100 Days of School Project


Kinda bizarre huh?  Matthew loved it though, I poked the holes and he loved the coloring part and inserting the sticks.. Share your ideas, comment below or post your pics on our Facebook Fan Page! Also we are on Pinterest, check us out 🙂