When I was pregnant with my first son I would watch all those baby shows on cable, A Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, Special Delivery, the one that took place in Toronto, I forget the name.  Then there was one show (can’t remember the name) that had moms get together in a cafe that was kid-friendly and discussed their ongoing challenges about different aged children.  They would sip their tea or coffee and the children were able to play with toys on those foam mats.  Fast forward to now, I get together with other moms at their houses, we go to indoor playspaces (my motivation has dwindled as you can tell by the site) but I still long for that cafe.  There was one I did go to which was in South Orange that called the Goat Cafe, and sadly it is closed.  So now I’ve made a point of asking people if they exist in NJ.  So far there is not 1 that exists that I know.  I know that I can go to a playspace that I pay for the kids and then there may be a little food place there, but it’s not as intimate.  Anyway, if you know of one, we’d love to feature it, because moms need their caffeine too.  Register to comment! (lower right handside)